CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Taylor Hardee and Lindsey Boyd enjoy their work at Studio M in Charles Town where they provide quality hair care service to all of their customers.

It was a bit of a surprise and definitely a thrilling adventure to find themselves heading to New York City for Fashion Week. The two were selected as part of a team to style the hair of models during the event.

The famed New York event occurs twice each year, and just concluded Feb. 10. The show, a fashion industry event, allows fashion designers to display their latest collections in runway shows to buyers and the media. These events regularly influence upcoming fashion trends.

Hardee explained that she had someone reach out to her via social media to see if she was interested in participating and the two were off for a first-time experience.

The stylists worked with three designers over their three-days of work at the show.

“Each designer had one to three models in one show per day,” Hardee explained, adding that there were three show days.

“There were 19 members of our team,” Boyd said, sharing that the models were changed out between the stylists so that everyone had an opportunity to work on different models. One show featured male models while two shows centered on females.

Prior to the start of the show dates, the team members received one day of training that included seminars and practice on mannequins.

“Once we got our first day under out belts, it was pretty smooth,” Boyd said. She shared that the models, while having their hair styled, also had nails and makeup done at the same time. It was a fast-paced environment.

Hardee shared that working at an event like Fashion Week is something that she has always hoped to do so this was a dream come true. She shared that she made contacts that will hopefully help further her career. In addition, both women were invited back to be part of the team in September for Fashion Week to promote fall collections.

“Everyone was super nice and sweet,” Hardee said, as she and Boyd shared that in addition to working at the show and experiencing everything to do with Fashion Week, they also got to see a bit of the Big Apple. Hardee had previously been to New York and Boyd said that she had been once on a bus trip.

“We went to see ‘Moulin Rouge’ on Broadway,” Boyd shared, adding that they were able to spot Lindsey Lohan on the streets of New York. They shared that when they saw a red carpet, they hung around a bit to see what would happen and were rewarded with the appearance of the well-known actress.

After their eight-day trip, the stylists are back hard at work in Charles Town where they happily shared the details of the New York experience. Studio M is located at 201 N. George Street.

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