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TIMBERVILLE — Meeting for the first time since March, the Timberville Town Council held a work session Tuesday evening to take up a number of items that were put on the back burner, including how the council will conduct meetings moving forward.

Sitting 6 feet apart and wearing face masks, Town Council members voted unanimously to allow future meetings to be held virtually as needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A similar measure was done for Rockingham County, Bridgewater and Elkton in early April.

Starting off the series of action items, council members first approved declaring a local emergency in Timberville and appointing Town Manager Austin Garber as the director of emergency management for the town.

By declaring a local emergency, the town was then able to adopt an emergency ordinance that will allow council to convene by an electronic means without a physically present quorum in one location for the next six months.

All electronic meetings will be open to electronic participation by the public, and if a public hearing is required, public comments can be solicited in advance or made during the course of the meeting.

Any nonemergency public hearing or action item will be postponed until further notice.

The first meeting to be held virtually will be a Planning Commission meeting scheduled for the first week in June, Garber said. The meeting will serve as a test run to prepare for the next Town Council meeting, when the proposed budget will be presented.

Town Council also approved Mayor Don Delaughter’s request to waive his next check to give it to the Timberville Volunteer Fire Department. The measure was approved, 5-1, with Councilman Bob Blosser in opposition.

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