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A former Bridgewater Retirement Community executive accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the facility pleaded guilty Friday in Rockingham County Circuit Court.

Sarah Nichole Hagan, 34, of Bridgewater, pleaded guilty to three felony counts of embezzlement.

As part of a plea deal, Judge T.J. Wilson sentenced Hagan to a 15-year suspended sentence.

He also ordered her to serve two years of supervised probation and 15 years of good behavior. A violation could result in her sentence being revoked.

Charging documents state the crimes spanned over at least four years, from 2016 up until the time she was fired in June.

Hagan, who served as vice president for independent living and assisted living, was charged on June 24.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Adam Evans told Wilson that the fraud was committed by using company credit cards for personal items.

When confronted, he said, she admitted to the fraud. He said she used the card for decorating and renovating her home.

“She said her family was having a hard time and wanted her family to have nice things,” Evans told Wilson.

Her attorney, Gene Hart, told Wilson that he had a check to pay the roughly $59,000 in restitution following the plea deal.

Hagan, when given the opportunity by Wilson to address the court, denied to comment.

Three employees from the retirement community also declined to speak in court.

At the time of her dismissal, BRC released a statement about the investigation.

“This is a very difficult day for BRC, for our residents and our team members,” BRC President Rodney Alderfer said in the statement. “I am deeply saddened as I know so many members of our BRC community will be. Sarah had forged strong relationships with BRC team members and residents alike, and members of her family had also developed caring relationships within the BRC community.”

Alderfer said none of the misconduct involved residents’ personal funds, property or care.

Rockingham County Sheriff Bryan Hutcheson said the investigation began in mid-June when BRC contacted investigators.

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Locally, we see case after case of people embezzling significant amounts of money from their employers and irresponsible judges not giving them jail time. No wonder embezzlement cases are on the increase.


Soooo..... let me get this straight.... it doesn't matter she stole thousands of dollars so her "family can have nice things", and she had forged strong relationships with fellow BRC members, she only gets a "suspended" 15 years sentence and probation; no jail time, no payback. BRC, can I join your club, I need "nice things" too!!


The BRC was way to trusting and lax in financial oversight.

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