City Council has welcomed the opportunity for more businesses in the city after approving two requests, one to rezone a property and another to have a special-use permit on a property to have business and professional offices.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, council unanimously approved a request to rezone 129 West Wolfe St. from M-1, General Industrial District, to B-1C, Central Business District Conditional.

Voting in favor were Mayor Deanna Reed, councilmen Richard Baugh, Chris Jones, Sal Romero and George Hirschmann.

The request came from Peale Properties LLC to rezone the nearly 10,000 square-foot parcel to allow for business and professional offices. There is currently no one operating out of the property.

The applicant, John Sallah, proffered to the city that there would at no point in time be convenience shops, drive-through banks, fast food restaurants, shops that primarily serve coffee, donuts, bread or bagels and marijuana dispensaries, according to city documents.

Council also unanimously approved a request from CFP Partners LLC to obtain a special-use permit to have business and professional offices at 1592 CF Pours Drive.

MEI Engineering Inc. plans to locate its offices within the existing 5,170 square-foot building.

In other news, council approved a request for a supplemental appropriation of $6.2 million for the General Capital Projects and School Capital Projects Funds.

The city’s director of planning and community development, Adam Fletcher, said Nielsen Builders Inc., which is the local contractor for the new Harrisonburg high school, will be sending invoices to the city at the end of the month.

The appropriation will provide interim funding for the Public-Private Infrastructure and Education Act agreement until permanent financing is in place, according to city documents.

City Council approved the Harrisonburg School Board’s Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Act agreement for the construction of the new high school with Nielsen Builders Inc. at its Dec. 10 meeting.

The city’s total budget will increase by $12.4 million, according to city documents. The general fund will increase by $6.2 million, the general capital projects fund will increase by $433,325 and the school capital projects funds by around $5.7 million.

Council also unanimously approved a request from Jeannie Marie Turner to hold a short-term rental in her home.

The approved request was to rent one accommodation space in the basement of her home for up to two guests.

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I've read this article several times to confirm that no mention was made of Item 7.c. (Discussion on a request to adopt a resolution in support of protecting Second Amendment rights) on the Meeting Agenda for City Council. That bit of reporting is conspicuously absent and that's regrettable because I believe that contributes to the public's distrust of media. The public can, however, view the meeting for themselves when it becomes available on the City's website. I would encourage any resident with an interest in the issue to view it. I found Mayor Reed's behavior, with regard to the resolution, not in line with what I would expect from an elected representative.


I hate to take a sound bite and determine it's context, but "this is our time" doesn't sound like a city council trying to work its citizens. A city council meeting is always the citizens time, and the day you make it about you is the day you're no longer a representative.

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