Despite the hefty price tag that will undoubtedly come from the construction of the city’s second high school, Harrisonburg City Public Schools Superintendent Michael Richards said it will not affect future projects that may arise for the school division.

“They are really separate things,” Richards said, adding that the crucial needs of the division’s nine existing schools will not be affected by the construction of the new high school.

Each year the School Board approves a revamped five-year capital improvement plan, which makes it a flowing list of needs. The School Board has not approved a plan for 2020-2025 yet, but will soon, Richards said.

“In the coming months, they’ll decide what remains on the capital plan and what can be moved from year to year,” Richards said. “It’s a fluid document, not a budget.”

A capital project that ends up on the plan is any renovation or maintenance costing more than $50,000, said Craig Mackail, chief operating officer for Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

Currently there are no major renovations planned for any of the schools, Mackail said, adding that the buildings are “in good shape.”

Items remaining on the plan include repairs to communication infrastructure and HVAC replacement, but if needs arise they will be addressed according to how pressing the issue is.

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“The new high school won’t impact other capital projects.” What a ridiculous statement.


Agree Weld. If it doesn’t impact other spending, a lot of people might have to leave the city due to the higher taxes.

Let’s hope there are a couple of adults on council with some common sense.

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