The Harrisonburg School Board will hold the first reading of a policy revision that will outline the process for naming the new high school, as well as any fields, facilities and programs, during its meeting tonight.

According to the proposed policy, the procedure for naming a new facility will begin with a committee.

The committee will be appointed by the School Board to suggest possible names for the new school. It will be facilitated by staff and include school staff, parents, members of the community served by the facility, and students, as appropriate.

The superintendent will nominate committee members for consideration and approval by the School Board. Each School Board member may nominate an additional person.

The School Board will ask the public to submit name suggestions in writing to the committee.

The committee may consider, but not be limited to, geographic or historical names, the policy states. School facilities may be named to honor deceased individuals who significantly contributed to improving life in Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg City Public Schools, the commonwealth of Virginia, or the United States of America. The board will not consider naming new facilities after anyone who hasn’t been dead for more than five years.

The committee will submit its recommendation and at least two alternatives to the School Board for consideration.

The board will take action on the recommendation at the second meeting following the introduction of the informational item. The board is not bound to choose the name recommended by the committee, the policy states.

School facilities such as gymnasiums, stadiums, libraries, tracks, fields, labs or programs may be named by the School Board in recognition of a significant local or state contribution.

A resolution will be presented for adoption by the School Board and will include the name of the contributing honoree, the identified school facility, grounds or program, as well as the duration and conditions of the dedication or naming.

The recommended name will come before the School Board at a regular meeting with public comment prior to the board voting on the recommendation at a subsequent meeting.

The board will not vote on naming facilities at tonight’s meeting.

Also at tonight’s meeting the board will hear a Capital Improvement Plan proposal for the next five years.

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This should be entertaining. [smile]

Might I suggest also adding to the committee(s) a team of paid consultants to ensure the selection of the final names will be done "correctly"?

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