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In the Harrisonburg School Board race, it appeared late Tuesday that incumbents Deb Fitzgerald, Nick Swayne and Kaylene Seigel would keep their seats.

Fitzgerald had 8,725 votes, or 31%, while Seigel had 7,132, 26%, and Swayne had 6,664, 24%, according to unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections.

Newcomer Irvin Peckham had 4,913, about 18%.

In Rockingham County elections, the results are a little less clear as more votes had yet to be processed.

Dayton Town Councilman Cary Jackson appeared to have the edge in the town’s mayoral race late Tuesday as ballots were still being processed.

If the unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections hold up, Jackson will take over for Sam Lee, who did not seek reelection.

Jackson’s 345 beat fellow Councilman Jeff Daly’s 212, a margin of 62% to 38%.

Incumbent Bradford Dyjak appeared to be the top vote-getter in the five-person council race for four open seats, having 371 votes, or 25% of ballots cast. Newcomer Heidi Hoover had the next most votes, with 317, or 21%, followed by Robert Seward with 299, or nearly 20%. Emily Estes followed with 279, or 18%, and Philip Way had 245, or 16%.

In the special election to fill the remainder of the term of the late Councilman Zachary Fletchall, the unopposed incumbent Dale Rodgers had 488 votes, or 100% of those cast.

In the race for Grottoes mayor, Town Council member Jo Plaster had a large lead, 722 votes to fellow council member Josh Bailey’s 341, a difference of 68% to 32%.

In the race for four seats on Grottoes Town Council, newcomer Michael Kohl had the most votes with 650, 31%. Incumbent Tim Leeth followed with 494, 24%, while newcomer Charles Lawhorne had 417, 23%, and newcomer Mark Sterling had 451, or 22%.

In Mount Crawford, Mayor Alfred Cook had a slight edge over challenger Dennis Driver, 114 votes to 109, 51% to 48%.

In the four-person race for three seats on Town Council, incumbents James Dillard, Shane Stevens and J.C. Smythers appeared to fend off newcomer John Crigler. Stevens had 162 votes, while Dillard had 134, Smythers 117 and Crigler, 109.

No surprises in Bridgewater as incumbents Steve Schofield, Travis Bowman and Bill Miracle were running unopposed, making the race a forgone conclusion. Bowman got 1,800 votes, while Schofield got 1,594 and Miracle 1,545.

In other foregone conclusion news, Dewey Ritchie faced no opponents and will take over the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors District 1 seat. Ritchie received 5,132 votes.

Timberville Mayor Don Delaughter faced no challengers and received 733 votes.

Incumbent council member Carl Turner was the only name on the ballot for three seats and received 610 votes. Sarah Berry, Debbie Jessup and Clarence Fox were seeking election as write-in candidates, but the number of write-ins was unavailable late Tuesday. It will be several days before the number of votes they received is tallied.

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Benjamin Bear

The Timberville town council comments are a bit speculative. While Berry and Jessup had declared their intent to run write-in campaigns, they still need to have more votes than any other possible write-in candidates, not simply one vote to get elected.

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