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Sarah Bixler estimated between 600 and 700 visitors attended Wednesday’s open house at the Lincoln Homestead. The Bixlers plan to have another open house on April 4.

The Lincoln Homestead will be hosting another open house on April 4 after seeing the extent of the turnout from the Wednesday event, according to the home’s new owners Sarah and Benjamin Bixler.

On Wednesday, the family hosted an open house before they renovate the property to live in as a private home.

The Bixlers noticed that some people were unable to wait in the line during the open house and that others could not take time off work to see the home.

“We just really regret that people weren’t able to get inside and see it, even though they wanted to,” Benjamin Bixler said.

The Bixlers estimated that between 600 and 700 people arrived at the event and more turned away after seeing the line.

There were close to 550 signatures in the guest book in the foyer where the Bixlers welcomed the public into the historic home, while many others did not sign the book or used the side entrance.

The Bixlers said they will be welcoming the public between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 4 and said more information about future events can be found at lincolnhomesteadva.com.

“We’re hoping it allows some people that didn’t see it on Wednesday and hopefully the lines aren’t as long,” said Benjamin Bixler.

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