City Council unanimously approved requests for a new town home development on Pleasant Hill Road.

The nearly 1-acre site on Pleasant Hill Road is vacant and surrounded by single-family detached homes and multifamily buildings. Plans call for 16 town homes with 32 parking spaces and one entrance in and out of the development onto Pleasant Hill Road.

During the public hearing for the development, only one member of the public called in and asked council to make sure an appropriate number of the units would be affordably priced.

Staff received one public comment via email from a neighbor of the site who was not opposed to the homes, but worried about the development’s entrance position.

It is the fourth time City Council has approved requests for a new multifamily development in three months.

On April 13, City Council approved a contentious rezoning request and a special-use permit for the Two41 housing complex at 161 and 241 Blue Ridge Drive.

The roughly 7-acre site will undergo construction for 142 units in four apartment buildings.

A month later, City Council approved requests for a 29-unit town house development at 107 and 137 Vine St. and a mixed-use business and residential property and parking lot at 907 N. Main St.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, City Council approved the revised neighborhood traffic calming plan for the area of Sunset Heights.

Changes that will go into effect this summer and fall include

• two speed cushions along South Dogwood Drive between the entrance to Westover Park and the intersection with Ohio Avenue

• a mini roundabout at the intersection of South Dogwood Drive and Maryland Avenue and another at the intersection of West Grace Street, Chestnut Drive and South Willow Street

• a speed hump on South Willow Street near the National Guard building

• another speed cushion on Maryland Avenue near Trinity Presbyterian Church

• a raised intersection at the intersection of Ohio Avenue and Chestnut Drive

• another raised intersection at South Willow Street and West Bruce Street

• sidewalks near the intersection of South Dogwood Drive and West Water Street

Public input from residents helped craft the changes, according to city documents.

No extra funding outside of what is already allocated to traffic calming measures will be required to make the changes, according to city documents.

After the measures are implemented, city staff will do another review to see if they calmed traffic enough.

Also during the meeting, City Council approved a resolution to apply for federal Recreation Trails Program grants for the Brookside phase of the Northend Greenway.

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