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DAYTON — Dayton police have made an arrest in the convenience store robbery that took place nearly one year ago, according to Chief Justin Trout.

Anakin Lussier, 19, a previous Dayton resident, was arrested on Dec. 30 and is charged with felony attempted robbery and felony mask wearing, according to court records.

Trout updated Town Council on the case at its meeting on Monday. The investigation began around 6 p.m. on Feb. 12 as an armed robbery was reported at the Dayton Mini Market at 237 Main St.

Trout declined to give more information as a trial is pending and hearing is set. According to the chief, a trial should take place in about two months.

In other news, council unanimously voted to construct a new $3.1 million water treatment facility on town land adjacent to the standing treatment plant on Bowman Road.

Town Council first heard about four different combinations of water treatment systems in October.

The town’s infrastructure committee recommended the new equipment in a new building as the best course of action after the group’s meeting on Jan. 7. Town staff also recommended the new building option.

Town Manager Angela Lawrence said the town is planning to procure the equipment for the plant in the spring and put out a bid for construction after that.

Councilman Zachary Fletchall, chair of the infrastructure committee, said the option was the best for the town. The old water treatment system the town uses has proved troublesome and is due for an update.

In another unanimous vote, council moved to formally appoint Susan Smith as treasurer. Smith has taken the role of the interim treasurer several times over the past three years as three treasurers have come and gone. She has been a member of town staff for roughly 20 years and spent 13 of those years as deputy treasurer.

The council also discussed submitting a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant application for matching funds up to $25,000 to purchase a new police vehicle.

One of the town’s five police cars, a 2010 Dodge Charger, the only one of its kind in the fleet, has frequent mechanical issues, according to Trout.

The chief said he was looking at a 2020 Ford Explorer, which could be purchased and fully kitted-out for a total of $44,000.

Council decided to allow Lawrence to apply for and find out more information about the grant.

Verizon’s poles, which need to be removed before the Mill Street project can continue, are still standing at the intersections of Mill Street and Maple Lane and Mill and High streets.

“We’ve done everything that we can to keep the project moving,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence also said the town was in talks with a “small” retail company about setting up shop in Dayton.

“Hopefully, by next month we’ll be able to announce a new business,” she said.

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