From left to right, David Wenger, executive director of Central Valley Habitat for Humanity, Richard Caperton, volunteer, Charly Ngeleka, homeowner, Ashlyn Johns, volunteer, Bill Miller, volunteer, and Doug Hendren lift a solar panel onto a new Habitat for Humanity home in Harrisonburg on June 18.

Community generosity has ensured that every Habitat for Humanity home built locally through 2026 will have solar panels, according to a press release from Jeff Heie, director of GiveSolar.

GiveSolar has raised $127,000 — $27,000 more than its goal of $100,000 — since Feb. 12 so homes built by the Central Valley Habitat for Humanity over the next five years will have solar panels.

"The Solar Seed Fund is designed to be self-sustaining," the release said. "Each family who receives a solar system will repay the upfront cost of the system into the Solar Seed Fund over the term of their mortgage. The regenerating fund will allow future Habitat homeowners to access the fund. The homeowners pay $20 per month for their solar energy systems."

The 12-panel systems save homeowners an average of $60 a month on their electric bill, according to the release.

"Our pilot project with Central Valley Habitat for Humanity has effectively proven that installing solar on the homes of low-income households is a compelling model for addressing clean energy access, economic security, and climate change solutions," Heie said in the release.

— Staff Report

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