Walmart Gunman

A man with a gun is seen outside the Walmart on Burgess Road in Harrisonburg. Police said the man was not breaking any laws.

It’s a tradition for the Santiago family of Harrisonburg to go down to the Walmart on Burgess Road to pick up snacks for the kids on Friday nights.

On Friday, while continuing the tradition, Alberto Santiago and his wife approached the store in their car around 10 p.m., but something was odd.

“We got there and my wife saw it first,” Santiago said. “She said ‘Look, look, look, look.’”

A man was holding a military-style rifle in the parking lot outside the Santiagos’ vehicle and to Alberto’s right. Police officers were scattered through the parking lot, he said.

“I didn’t see no commotion or screaming — nothing bad,” Santiago said.

A cop told the Santiago family to back up, and they left the shopping center, according to Santiago.

Members of the public had called the police about the man with the firearm, according to a statement from city spokesperson Michael Parks.

The man, unnamed in the statement, also brought the rifle to the same spot Saturday night.

“In neither occurrence did we determine that the individual had broken any laws, nor that the situation rose to the type of incident that would require [the Harrisonburg Police Department] or the public, to take any action,” the statement said. “We are continuing to monitor for any further incident that would require HPD’s involvement related to this individual, but at this time the individual has acted within their rights from what HPD has reviewed.”

Santiago said “hell yeah” he and the family will be returning to Walmart next Friday to continue their tradition.

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Donna Kiser

In our current times, I feel it is threatening to walk around in a public area with a firearm on display. He wasn't hunting, so it looks like he was looking for or could find trouble. Remember the Rittenhouse trial

posumcop should never forget or surrender the right to defend one's self.


Probably not the most prudent thing to do but certainly not illegal.

Watching Tucker interview Rittenhouse, he's a kid I would want living in my neighborhood.

Certainly a more impressive specimen than the pedophile, the woman abuser and the other career criminals that attacked him.


I can only assume heads of the usual suspects are exploding tonight from coast to coast. It is not that they mind being shown to have lied continuously in the manipulation of their false narrative – they don’t mind that -- but to have done so and still have had their political show-trial backfire on them must be quite a shock. It makes them appear ineffectual, weak, and occasionally stoppable. Yuck![scared]


P.s. It bears mentioning that Leftist lynch mobs never accept “No” for an answer, and with the enthusiastic collusion of the corporate media they will continue to track, harass, and attempt to destroy him.


Extremely well put Deft.


Can't fix the "stupid" of society. However the HPD should be commended for their approach to the situation.


Well, I can think of a thing or two that might make this story more informative. First, why is the person carrying a rifle around on a Walmart parking lot? Why two days in a row? Does Walmart, as the owner of this property, think allowing this will increase or decrease their shopper traffic? Does the owner of the property even have any say on the matter? Could it simply be a case of the Salvation Army bell ringer taking a more militant stance in regard to encouraging charitable giving?[whistling]

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