The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Association of Realtors, with help from other community partners, has created a video discussing the pressure on affordable and accessible housing market locally, according to a release from the organization Tuesday.

The video, available at, includes input from various stakeholders in the local housing industry, including a developer, a builder, a Realtor, a social service funder and a government planning official.

The purpose of the video is to generate input from the community on possible changes to land use, permitting and zoning to improve the affordable housing landscape, according to the release.

A survey is also available at to those who have watched the video to share their thoughts for a virtual conversation through the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue at James Madison University.

“The time has come to ask the entire community to join the conversation and consider the viability of those ideas,” Jeremy Litwiller, the president of the association, said in the release. “When we can agree on a broad consensus for overcoming affordability issues, the community will move forward to implement solutions.”

— Staff Reports

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I suspect:

Real estate brokerages want property to list and to sell – beyond that, they do not care about your neighborhood.

Builders want residential land zoned for maximum profitability – beyond that, they do not care about your neighborhood.

City politicians want what gets them maximum votes – beyond that, they do not care about your neighborhood.

City bureaucrats want what keeps their department funded – beyond that, they do not care about your neighborhood.

Socialist organizations want a forced impoverishment downward to ‘equality’ – they actively hate middle class (bourgeoisie) neighborhoods and look forward to “diversifying” them out of existence.

I think the bottom line goal is to change zoning of single family residential neighborhoods to multi-family, small lots, apartment buildings, and assisted low-income housing. The result will be a loss of net worth that families spent a lifetime building, a loss of their neighborhood’s culture, a loss of a sense of safety because of the transience of renting, and, obviously, an increase in crime.


Keeping it real. The DNR, on October 25, 2018, reported that in regard to public housing:

Reed agreed with Jones, adding that with the potential project being in her neighborhood, she is concerned about more public housing in the area and asked HRHA look into other neighborhoods.

So, it would appear that contrary to what Mr. Jones reportedly said in this week’s meeting, NIMBYism appears to be alive and well in the chambers of the city council.


Are there illegal immigrants living in Harrisonburg? Yes but how many is a secret, but I assume there are many. What responsibility do we have to provide affordable housing to illegal immigrants? None!

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