Scout, an 11-year-old golden retriever from Maryland, was on the lam last week after escaping from a local kennel. The Timberville community helped find the lost dog.

For nearly a week, residents of the Timberville area kept their eyes peeled and searched for Scout, an 11-year-old female golden retriever that escaped last week from a local kennel.

“If it wasn’t for the community of Timberville, we never would have found her,” said Koko DeBerg, of Kensington, Md., a nanny to the Rossin family of Chevy Chase, Md., that owns Scout.

The Rossins were in California visiting family when they were notified that Scout had escaped, according to DeBerg.

DeBerg traveled from Maryland to Timberville to search for the dog every day except Tuesday due to Hurricane Isaias.

“It was a crazy week,” she said.

DeBerg described many “amazing volunteers” from Timberville, such as Dawna Dove, 46, who helped distribute almost 300 flyers to help bring Scout home.

“I’d do for this for any animal I could help in any way,” said Dove, who operates a small local animal rescue operation called 4 The Love Of Paws. “It’s the right thing to do.”

The first sighting of Scout DeBerg received was on Wednesday morning. Scout had been seen near the quarry on Va. 42, and DeBerg received more sighting calls in the morning and later that evening.

“We got so many sightings,” DeBerg said. “We were within 10 feet of her, and she was so scared and in flight mode, she jumped in the river and swam across.”

The next day, the trail seemed to dry up as there were no reported sightings of Scout, according to DeBerg.

“It was pretty brutal,” she said.

On Friday morning, DeBerg and her own dog, Baxter, finally were able to bring back Scout as Scout recognized Baxter after a caller had seen the golden retriever.

“She finally realized who we were and she jumped in my arms,” DeBerg said.

Scout, DeBerg and Baxter were reunited a little over 8 miles from the kennel, but Scout had been spotted in a wide variety of other locations across the area, according to DeBerg.

“I would say if we really wanted to count, she probably did at least 30 miles in those six days,” she said.

Dove said she was happy to help reunite a family and their dog, especially since the Rossin family lived so far away and could not always be looking in the area.

“It’s enough to make you want to cry because it is just amazing,” Dove said. “These stories usually do not end well, and this is a miracle.”

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