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Urgie’s Cheesesteaks co-owner Tommy Urglavitch prepares an order at the Harrisonburg location.

In January, the restaurant at Generations Park in Bridgewater will transition from Jalapeno Southwest Grill to the second location of Harrisonburg’s Urgie’s Cheesesteaks.

Jalapeno Southwest Grill has been the only restaurant in the 2,692 square-foot space since the park opened in 2015, said Alex Wilmer, the assistant town manager and advisor to the development authority.

“We will revise the lease and transfer it to Urgie’s Cheesesteaks in the next couple of weeks,” he said.

Generations Park is owned by the Industrial Development Authority of the town of Bridgewater, according to Wilmer.

“And Urgie’s will be taking over sometime in January, most likely,” Wilmer said.

Urgie’s Cheesesteaks was started in 2017 by the Philadelphia-born Urglavitch brothers, Tommy and Steven, who sold their sandwiches at the farmers market and local breweries.

By January 2019, the brothers served customers at their first brick-and-mortar location at 245 E. Water St. in downtown Harrisonburg, where they still operate.

“We haven’t had our actual restaurant even open for 10 months yet, so we’re a little nervous for getting into another location not even a year in,” Tommy Urglavitch said.

But Urglavitch said the brothers were excited to bring their business to the town of Bridgewater.

“Just the idea of having that partnership is a really cool idea for us,” Urglavitch said.

Tommy Urglavitch said he would be spearheading the Bridgewater location while his brother, Steven, tended to the Harrisonburg location.

As for the menu, Tommy Urglavitch said he and Steven had some ideas, but wanted to keep them a secret until the opening drew closer.

Adjacent to the restaurant is an ice rink, which is open seasonally.

“Ice hockey is kind of big with us and [ice] skating is kind of big with us, so we kind of like that idea as well,” Urglavitch said.

He said Urgie’s would work to bring the reputation for catering to both locals and college students in Harrisonburg to Bridgewater.

“That’s something that is really important to us,” Urglavitch said. “And that’s certainly what we’re going to try to develop, that relationship of being there for everybody, Bridgewater College students, Bridgewater residents and visiting Harrisonburg and Dayton residents.”

Jalapeno Southwest Grill owner Gervasio Amato could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

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Sad to see Jalepenos go but it was stale, change is good and so are Urgie's cheesesteaks!

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