RICHMOND (AP) — Gov. Ralph Northam wants school systems across Virginia to change the names of schools honoring Confederate leaders.

In a Monday letter to the heads of school boards in the state, Northam says the names have a “traumatizing impact on students, families, teachers and staff of all backgrounds.”

“When our public schools are named after individuals who advanced slavery and systemic racism, and we allow those names to remain on school property, we tacitly endorse their values as our own,” Northam wrote. “This is no longer acceptable.”

The names have come under increased scrutiny during ongoing civil unrest spurred by the May killing of Minnesota man George Floyd. Protesters have highlighted racial disparities in education, including the disproportionate rates at which students of color graduate and face discipline in school, with the names, opponents say, being symbols of a racially unjust system school leaders are tasked with fixing.

Last month, an online petition was started to change the name of Rockingham County’s Turner Ashby High School, which as of Tuesday garnered 2,779 signatures. A counter petition to keep the name was started around the same time, and had more than 5,200 signatures Tuesday.

“Once you have that conversation in the community, it’s also time for the School Board to have that conversation,” said Rockingham County Public Schools Superintendent Oskar Scheikl. “I don’t have any timeline for it. I don’t anticipate we will simply ignore that topic.”

Turner Ashby High School was named by the School Board on April 12, 1955, and the school opened the following year. Ashby was a Confederate cavalry commander who was killed near Harrisonburg during the 1862 Valley Campaign.

The fact that the school was named during the 1950s and in response to the resistance that came in Virginia following the Brown v. Board of Education decision to integrate schools adds a complicated layer to the issue, Scheikl said.

Scheikl said the topic will not be decided by a popular vote. The school board is not going to look at the signatures of two opposing petitions and go with the one that has the most signatures.

“Now is the time to change them to reflect the inclusive, diverse, and welcoming school community every child deserves, and that we, as leaders of the Commonwealth, have a civic duty to foster,” Northam said.

Community members across the state have called for Confederate school names to be changed as part of the racial reckoning. Virginia’s 14 Confederate school names are the second-most in the U.S., according to 2019 data from the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to Education Week, at least 194 schools in 18 states were named for men with Confederate ties as of last month.

Some school boards in Virginia already have said they will change the names.

The Fairfax County School Board voted last month to rename Robert E. Lee High School, with the body deciding on a new name July 23 in preparation for the upcoming school year. Among the possible new names: U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., former president Barack Obama, and Latino civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, among others.

The Prince William County School Board renamed a high school and middle school honoring Stonewall Jackson last month for people in the community. In Loudoun County, school leaders opted to remove the “Raiders” mascot from Loudoun County High School because it represented a Confederate colonel’s troops.

The Richmond School Board is considering renaming Binford Middle, John B. Cary Elementary and Ginter Park Elementary, all schools with Confederate ties. The body renamed J.E.B. Stuart Elementary for Obama in 2018 and earlier this year axed Founding Father George Mason’s name from a rebuilt school over his slave ownership.

The Stuart-to-Obama renaming cost the school system an estimated $26,000, which private donors and a T-shirt sale helped pay for. In his letter, Northam said money shouldn’t be an issue for renaming.

The most contentious renaming process in the state has been in Hanover County, who the county’s NAACP chapter is suing over the names of Lee-Davis High School (Confederates) and Stonewall Jackson Middle School (Rebels).

The body voted 5-2 in 2018 to keep the names. A vote appeared imminent June 23, with the board’s clerk announcing after a roughly two-hour closed session that the board planned on amending the agenda and “take action” on the names. Instead, the body voted to adjourn the meeting with no vote.

The Daily News-Record contributed to this report.

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Notice how the superintendent said it should be a community decision. Well, exactly how many Bridgewater area residents have howled over the past 65 years about their utter disgust over the name? polls are started by faceless whiners.

The man Turner Ashby was just a southern soldier who likely never owned slaves nor was a white supremest. It is a flimsy excuse to satisfy the holier than thou socialists power seekers and hypocrites like the buffoon we have as governor. I always thought Turner Ashby was a unique, dignified source from 2 last names. “TA” has always been a highly-regarded school. But go ahead and use the bland Bridgewater High moniker or maybe be daring and choose Bob Holton High!

Benjamin Bear

As a church board member, our board is intentionally engaging in conversations about racism and how deeply ingrained it is in our society to help educate ourselves and, in turn, our congregation. Through these readings, videos, and conversations, I have found there is plenty of justification for renaming public schools that carry the names of those who perpetuated slavery, segregation, and/or racism. While I certainly don’t know the race or ethnicity of others commenting here, I would imagine that there is a fair amount of white privilege being expressed in these current other comments. It would only be appropriate and fitting that, given we’re discussing a school, we all work to educate ourselves on why a name might be offensive or oppressive to others, as well as why some might resist renaming so fervently.


Dear Benjamin, shouldn't your church be worried about spreading the Gospel and taking care of the poor and downtrodden? If you're focused on Christ's work, any inadvertent or hidden racism will go away on its own. You won't need to go looking for it and that fact that you are, tells anyone who is a real Christian that your church is off message.


I agree with you Bishop. And while we are on the subject of “systemic racism”, has your “church congregation” discussed the millions of black infants that have been murdered over the past 50 years by the Demokkkrat butchers who work at Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills?


Excellent point, St. Prodigal.


So, can we assume those who seek to engage in the cultural genocide of Western Man by destroying or re-writing his history by using a faux outrage over the institution of slavery that Western Man alone decided was wrong and should be abolished will also demand that all references to Muhammad (a.k.a. The Prophet) be expunged from Islamic liturgy because he was an owner of and a trader in slaves? If not, why not?


Excellent question, Donald.

J Bitting

Our governor was in hyperbolic overdrive when he released that statement. There must be a lot of troubled, traumatized individuals who went to TA. Should the government establish a fund to help them back to normalcy?

We have lost our minds!


How does Barack Obama High sound? Or perhaps Michelle Obama High?


That's a good idea, name them all Obama High. There so much fun that could be had with that and we would know exactly where the liberal indoctrination failed the students.


I wonder what kind of “traumatizing impact on students, families, teachers and staff of all backgrounds" racist Governor Northam's blackface/KKK photo and college nickname "Coonman" and his lying about them have on the same.


We are living in Clown World.


Exactly. Get rid of the black faced hooded klansman racist baby killer Governor no good.


Nothing like being lectured about Confederate names by a blackface wearing "Coonman" racist governor. We should rename TA "Hypocrisy High" in his honor and erect a statue of him in blackface as "Coonman" in front of the school so future generations of students can understand and remember what a racist, vile, contemptable hypocrite we had as a governor.


Right on target, billy!


Great post Billy. That pretty much says it all.


Yep, you nailed it Bill!


Agreed Bishop. The irony and hypocrisy here are so thick, you could cut them with a knife. Just think, Governor Northam, a proven baby killer and Klansman, lecturing the citizens of the commonwealth about race.

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