Developers have proposed building 21 single-family detached homes in the town of Broadway off South Sunset Drive.

A proposed single-family development off South Sunset Drive is heading to Broadway Town Council as a joint public hearing between council and the Planning Commission is scheduled to take place today at 7 p.m.

The request comes from Sunset Drive LLC, which is seeking to rezone 9.63 acres from conservation, or C-1, to low-density residential, or R-1, for a single-family home development.

The property is located on the west side of South Sunset Drive, approximately 2,000 feet north of Cedar Run Trail and south of West Springbrook Road.

According to the rezoning application, the development is proposed to have 21 single-family detached houses with two parking spaces per unit — one in a driveway and one in a garage.

The agenda packet included minutes from the April 12 Planning Commission meeting, which stated the estimated value of the single-family homes could be $250,000 or more.

The minutes also included a statement that town staff had not received any concerns from adjacent landowners about the proposed development.

Before council takes any action, Planning Commission members will join council to host a joint public hearing. Residents will be able to voice any comments or concerns on the residential development during that time.

The public hearing will take place in person at the Broadway Municipal Building.

Council will also hold a public hearing for a proposed franchise agreement with Shentel to bring broadband into town.

According to the proposed ordinance, council determined it would be beneficial to its residents if Shentel installed fiber optic cables in the streets and alleys of the town to allow for faster internet service and potentially other electronic services as well.

The agreement requires Shentel not to install utility poles and relocate any equipment installed at its expense if required for public construction projects. It also requires Shentel to be responsible for any damages to town property as a result of installation activities.

If Town Council approves the ordinance, it will go into effect immediately.

Other items on today’s agenda include a possible discussion on Broadway becoming a golf cart friendly community and updates on the town’s pool house.

In a memo to council, Town Manager Kyle O’Brien said he received an informal request to pursue making the town a golf cart friendly community and will look into it if council wants more information. O’Brien said the town discussed becoming a golf cart friendly community several years ago, but there were issues preventing it at the time.

If the town were to pursue the designation, it would join Bridgewater as a golf cart friendly community.

Town Council will also accept the resignation of Sgt. Larry Good, who will retire from the Broadway Police Department after nearly 24 years serving the town and Rockingham County.

With Good’s absence, the department plans to promote Jason Fulk to the position and hire Rockingham County deputy Richard Morrell as a full-time employee. Morrell currently serves the town on a part-time basis.

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Did Broadway ever get the water pressure problems they were having a few years ago solved? Who's land (how much did it sell for) was sold in order for this project to happen?

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