ELKTON — Plans for a new memorial at Elk Run Cemetery are moving forward after the Elkton Town Council voted to approve construction of a columbarium during Monday’s meeting.

Updates to the cemetery have been on and off for years, according to Mayor Josh Gooden.

The columbarium, similar to a mausoleum, was a recommendation by the Cemetery Advisory Commission, which would serve as a permanent public memorial and be designed to hold cremation urns.

Council members voted to allow W. A. Hartman Memorials to construct the columbarium for $55,700, but only a portion will be constructed with the funds.

The finished structure will feature four columbariums, with each one holding 144 niches.

Gooden said the total cost for a 144-niche structure was believed to be $55,000. Of the $55,700 council approved, $40,500 was rolled into the current budget from the sale of a portion of land at the cemetery that was completed in the beginning of 2019.

“The remainder of the project would be requested during the next budget year,” Gooden said.

Gooden said construction of the first columbarium could start as early as spring and be completed by the summer.

The cost of each niche has yet to be determined by the Cemetery Advisory Commission, but Gooden said it would be similar to the cost of a burial plot that ranges from $1,000 for town residents to $1,500 for out-of-town residents.

Other items on Monday’s agenda included renewing a special exception permit for Lise Beaudette’s property on 196 W. Spotswood Ave.

A special exception permit was originally approved in 2014 for the property that serves as a business and apartment space.

Council members approved the request, 5-0. Council member Heidi Zander was absent.

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