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Dan Cullers, chairman of the Rockingham County Republican Party, speaks to more than 15 county Republicans Monday about Second Amendment issues ahead of the Dec. 11 Board of Supervisors meeting. The party has asked the board to consider a resolution declaring Rockingham a Second Amendment sanctuary.

With resolutions circulating across the commonwealth to make counties and cities “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” Rockingham County Republicans came together Monday to get a head start on the conversation.

The Rockingham County Republican Party announced Nov. 21 its intent to support a resolution naming the county a Second Amendment sanctuary. The resolution will be heard by the Board of Supervisors at 6 p.m. on Dec. 11 at the County Administration Center.

The action comes after Democrats seized control of the General Assembly in November’s election, promising to take on gun control and other initiatives when lawmakers convene next month.

With 22 counties across the state adopting the resolution and more than 50 counties and cities anticipating a vote or discussion, Monday’s talking points included a look into Gov. Ralph Northam’s gun control initiatives, voter registration and upcoming legislation dealing with gun restrictions.

Dan Cullers, chairman of the Rockingham County Republican Party, said he expects next week’s meeting to be crowded due to overwhelming support of the Second Amendment.

“We really aren’t the ones leading this movement. It is the people,” Cullers said. “The people have really risen up, and we see our job to assist.”

Cullers was joined by more than 15 Republicans who are planning to attend the meeting and speak during public comment.

Cullers said the more people show up to the meeting, the greater the chances for the board to consider adopting the resolution.

“No matter what happens next Wednesday, the battle doesn’t end there. The only way to secure our rights is at the ballot box,” he said. “We need to lay the groundwork to flip the General Assembly in 2021.”

Cullers was joined by Jennifer Brown, chairwoman of Virginia’s 6th District Republican Party, who told attendees the importance of registering to vote.

“We are all very passionate about this issue,” she said. “This all began because we had a little over 5,000 voters not show up at the polls. As a large body, we need to give a statement to Richmond that Rockingham County is not going to abide to overreaching legislation.”

During the discussion, Brown pointed out a list of proposed legislation for the 2020 General Assembly session that she said would infringe on the Second Amendment. As of Monday, more than 15 bills had been prefiled dealing with prohibiting the sale of military-style firearms and certain firearm magazines and limiting handgun purchases.

Brown said most of the bills being proposed are already the law, but use certain language to change the narrative.

“We need to hold [the Board of Supervisors] responsible and hold our representatives accountable for every single vote that they take that infringe our rights,” Brown said. “We have a voice. Let’s use our voices for good.”

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For 2nd Amendment sanctuary county symbolism to have any impact in Richmond large numbers of Democrats would have to come out in support of it. The DNC now owns Virginia and based on demographics its ownership is only going to strengthen in the years to come. Indeed, we will shortly become known as California on the Atlantic. And, of course, we have the DNC, the RNC, cheap labor loving corporations in Virginia, and of course, the open borders championing Chamber of Commerce to thank for that devolution into state directed serfdom. Bummer.


Does Rockingham C. need its own separate "well-regulated militia"? Is there something I don't know about here? Do we not pay taxes to support sheriff, local police, and the National Guard? WHAT's HAPPENING? TELL ME, PLEASE! [You're anxiety could be contagious]

Duck Runner

If you need an explanation, you wouldn't understand anyway.


That's quite an assumption DR. Perhaps that is your part of the reason why so many accept a "taken'for'granted" position without a willingness to give a defense, an answer for their position or viewpoint. Speak up, man!

Duck Runner

I don't believe you really want a discussion, you want to frantically scream in all caps. You've no doubt read the opinions of lawful gun owners in these pages, there's nothing much I could add. You and I are fundamentally wired differently and all the talking in the world won't change your mind or mine.


Yes. Yes. Yes. The far left liberal nut jobs are in control in Richmond. Any other questions?


labels labels and more labels--AND no substance. Where's the meat of the meaning? Come on man! Be tough where it counts--your mind.

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