A new year calls for a new chairman as the Rockingham County Planning Commission will elect a chairman and a vice chair during today’s meeting.

The chairman is in charge of running meetings and often represents the Planning Commission in the county’s dealing with other agencies or governmental bodies.

Commissioner Keith Sheets, who represents District 5, currently serves as chairman.

While there are no public hearings scheduled, commissioners will consider taking action on the annual report and county liaison to city schedule and receive updates on pending ordinance amendments and the Capital Improvements Program Advisory Subcommittee.

In 2019, commissioners considered 21 ordinance amendments and 17 rezoning requests, according to the annual report.

Of those considered, 19 ordinance amendments were recommended for approval while two were withdrawn. The Board of Supervisors approved 16 amendments with three more to be considered during Wednesday’s meeting.

For rezoning requests, 13 were recommended for approval by commissioners and all 13 were approved by supervisors. Planning Commission failed to recommend approval for one request and one rezoning will be heard during the supervisors meeting on Wednesday. Two requests are on hold by the applicant’s request.

Nearly half of the requests were located within the Stone Spring Urban Development Area, which will be heard by the Board of Supervisors on Jan. 22.

The Stone Spring UDA proposal would serve as a blueprint for future development for parts of Rockingham County and if approved, would provide a timeline of projects that would begin with building civic amenities such as a library or community center as the focus area and end with the creation of a park of neighborhood center in focus areas.

Focus areas include Stone Port, Stone Ridge, Boyers Crossing and Crossroads.

Commissioners Bill Loomis and Mike Harvey and former Commissioner David Rees served on the 13-member advisory committee for the Stone Spring UDA plan project, according to the annual report.

Rhonda Cooper, director of community development, and Bradford Dyjak, director of planning, are expected to give an update on the Capital Improvements Program.

During its Oct. 1 meeting, commissioners established the CIP Advisory Subcommittee and appointed Commissioner Kevin Flint, Dennis Driver and Kim Sandum. Assistant County Administrator Casey Armstrong and Cheryl Mast, who represents the county School Board, will also serve on the subcommittee.

Planning Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. today at the Rockingham County Administration Center.

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