HARRISONBURG — When a dog gets loose or a stray is found in Rockingham County, only an animal control officer can take custody of it and deliver it to the local SPCA.

County Attorney Thomas Miller is looking to change that ordinance to include any law enforcement officer.

During today’s Board of Supervisor meeting, supervisors will consider three changes to the county’s code relating to taking control of a dog and delivering it to the SPCA, allowing any law enforcement officer to do so when needed.

According to the Harrisonburg’s code, the task of handling animals is left only for the animal control officer, not any law enforcement officer.

Supervisors will also hear from Rhonda Cooper, director of community development for the county, who is expected to present the Rockingham County pedestrian-bicycle road safety assessment report from August.

The study assessed road safety, while also focusing on pedestrian and bicycle safety, for Boyers Road and Taylor Spring Lane. The study was supported by the Federal Highway Administration through the Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian program.

Specific areas studied on the two corridors were Boyers Road from Port Republic Road to Stone Spring Road and Taylor Spring Lane from Boyers Road to Massanetta Springs Road.

The study suggested the county work with the Virginia Department of Transportation to install a portable speed feedback sign to help reduce speeds along both corridors. It was also recommended that the county relocate the signs leading up to the intersection with Taylor Spring Lane and Boyers Road to increase visibility.

Other items on the agenda include a public hearing from Verizon, which is seeking a special-use permit to install a 199-foot tower and supporting equipment on the east side of John Kline Lane west of Broadway. The property is zoned for agricultural use.

Verizon is requesting a 195 foot tower with a 4-foot lightning rod. The property where the tower will be placed is owned by Dorothy and Wallace Shipp.

Supervisors meet at 3 p.m. today at the Rockingham County Administration Center.

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