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A few members of the community have spoken out against Rockingham County School Board member Lowell Fulk for comments he made following the death of divisive radio personality Rush Limbaugh on Fulk’s personal Facebook account.

Two people spoke at Monday’s School Board meeting, which wasn’t attended by Fulk, and more than 1,000 have signed a petition calling for the 18-year School Board veteran’s resignation.

In a Facebook post, Fulk said he hopes “conservatives and the GOP are able to examine self and find their soul after the death of Rush Limbaugh ... I give him no grace at all. He was an evil piece of infection.”

Fulk issued an apology for the original post, saying: “I formally apologize for having been disrespectful to Rush Limbaugh in his passing. My exceedingly poor judgement should not reflect on my innocent coworkers of fellow board members, or the school division. I am an aberration from both organizations, and neither should be associated with my poor judgement. Please do not hold my soon to be former colleagues responsible for my misdeeds.”

Prior to the public comment, which was limited to those who signed up ahead of time, School Board Chair Renee Reed said the School Board’s job is to listen to the concerns of constituents as well as support, of which the board has received both concerning Fulk’s comments.

Reed said that if someone has a problem with something a School Board member says on their personal account, they can “always contact that board member directly to seek clarification or to share their concerns.”

Following the conclusion of the meeting, board member Dan Breeden was available to listen to any other concerned community members.

The first person to speak was parent Mary Beth Landes, who discussed the student code of conduct, which all students have to sign and states that “everyone is an individual of worth.”

Landes asked that Fulk be held to the same standard as that of Rockingham County Public Schools students and staff.

The second person to speak was Matt Cross, a local pastor who used his more than three minutes to speak against what he perceived from Fulk as a slight against conservatives, including their anti-abortion stance.

“Mr. Fulk, if fighting for the unborn is infectious, then consider me the most infected person you’ve ever met,” Cross said.

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Mr. Fulk's timing was poor, but he was dead right about Limbaugh.


Fulk's just another not-nearly-as-smart-as-they-think-they-are "progressive" who probably never listened to Limbaugh in his life and was just regurgitating the mewlings of his equally clueless herd.

Limbaugh's words as well as his charitable works will be remembered long after this particular failed politician is forgotten.


Spot on Deft.


LVW and Psaki...always "circling back."


I'm not sure what you are talking about, but I am sure it has nothing to do with the point.


Yet good ole' Governor Blackface was given a pass.


posum: What Northam did was long ago. What Fulk did was similar to what Gina Carano did -- posted something nasty on a personal web page. As you probably know, Disney fired her for it, so you could argue that Fulk should be kicked off school board in fairness. But it is an example of the "cancel culture" that the right has been whining about

I think there is a big difference between what someone says on their personal Facebook page -- there have been other examples around here in the past year -- and what they do at their job. An example of the latter is Andrew Cuomo, who is justifiably in all kinds of hot water for holding back COVID case information in NY. He should resign. (I also think Trump did all kinds of things that should have repercussions but didn't, but that's another story.)


I didn't know there was a time limit on dressing up a KKK member. Who knew? Oh wait, there is only a limit if you are a liberal. Weak excuse there, LVW. What Northram did would be 100% inexcusable, no matter what year it occurred, if it was a conservative and you know it. Never in your life would you say "well, excused, because it was a while ago" if it was a conservative.

Secondly, whining? I don't think so. Pointing out the blatant hypocrisy and pathetic double standards that apply to conservatives and liberals is not whining. It's calling out "the left" for what they are, hypocrites with double standards. Gina Carano's (now former) castmate Pedro Pascal used social media to compare Trump supporters to "knot sees", and to post pictures purportedly showing children confined by barbed wire in "knot see" Germany and comparing it to a picture of American children (though it was not even a picture of American children.) Yet liberals all look the other way, suddenly they have no problem with the same thing for which they absolutely excoriated Gina. Gina the outspoken conservative must be fired, Pedro the outspoken, TDS infected, liberal must be excused. Absolutely patheic but, sadly, completely expected. As I’ve said before, if pathetic hypocrite liberals didn’t have double standards, they would not have any standards.


billy: If Northam were actually a KKK member, I'd agree with you. In terms of Carano, I don't think she should have been fired, but that was a business decision by Disney. I think everybody is too sensitive about private posts, but that does not change the fact that many of the same people who have been whining (yes, whining) about the "cancel culture" are trying to "cancel" Fulk because his classless post attacked someone they liked. That hypocrisy door swings both ways.


So you have an excuse for why it’s ok for the liberal Northam to display himself in a racist, offensive photo, no surprise there. Disney's business decision is hypocritical. If Carano was a Trump hating liberal, she would not have been fired by Disney. What Pascal published was just as inappropriate as what Carano published and he was immediately forgiven, it was a non-issue, he was patted on the back and told to head back to work. Same behavior, two completely different outcomes. , their hypocrisy is clear to everyone. Disney's business ‘decision’ was based on pathetic liberals pestering Disney with threats of boycotts unless Carano was fired. But when the very same pathetic hypocrites learned of Pascal's words, they shrug their hypocritical shoulders and look the other way, make excuses for him as you did for Northam. They proudly wear their hypocrite double standards on their sleeves like badges of honor. And no, stating that conservatives are routinely “canceled” for saying things like Fulk did and that Fulk should face the same penalty is not whining, it’s saying “Hey, this door does NOT swing both ways. Why are liberals excused but conservatives excoriated?” If Fulk posted those kinds of words about the death of Obama or Clinton, he would’ve resigned already. Let him keep his job, he exposed himself as the hate filled, vile human he truly is and has to live with that. He knows that everyone he meets from now on knows what he wrote.


Whether or not you or I think Carano should be fired, it was Disney's decision. They are in the business of making money, so apparently more people complained about her comments than her costar's, and that's why they canned her and not him. That's how it goes. Get your homies more organized and you can "cancel" some liberals, if that's your goal. Personally, I'd prefer if we stopped cancelling everybody.


Excellent posts Billy, all of them. LVW, you are a hypocrite, and don't have a leg to stand on. It's time for Fulk to go.


prod: I'll take your critiques seriously when you learn to evaluate an argument based on more than "does it appear to make Democrats look bad?"


LVW..your argument has so many holes that I need jacket to ward off the breeze. If "what you did long ago" is an excuse, then why are the "believe they are the righteous crowd" renaming things like R.E. Lee High School. Stonewall Jackson High School. etc., etc., etc., etc.


posum: First, I am not among the people clamoring to rename schools. But to answer your question, there is a difference between naming a school after someone (or building a statue of someone) and forgiving someone for something stupid done years ago.


Lowell ... what were you thinking?

It's ironic that the three posters below are criticizing Fulk by saying things just as nasty about him as he said about Limbaugh. I guess the cancel culture is alive and well from the right too.


LVW, what we have here is what's known as a gaffe (when a Demokkkrat makes the mistake of accidentally revealing their true heart and intentions). What Fulk did was inexcusable. it's time for him to go.


His apology rings as hollow as his empty soul. He has brought his hatred and disdain for others to light, for all to see, though he still walks blind in the darkness, a hater of brother and sister. If he goes to church on Sunday, he needs to ask himself why he does.


Fulk is despicable....and must be let go!


I agree with you Freeride. What Fulk did was an evil thing, disgusting, and a window into his soul. It's time for him to be removed (forcably if necessary) from the school board, and forbidden from ever holding public office again.


I see what you did there, Mr. prodigalson.[whistling]

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