HARRISONBURG — The Rockingham County School Board will meet tonight for its regular twice-monthly meeting and will approve a timeline for developing and approving the fiscal 2020-21 budget.

Each year the School Board creates a budget based on anticipated revenue and expenditures. It’s a long process that begins with requests and then begins in earnest when the state funding numbers are released based on the governor’s proposed budget.

Information about the budget will be sent to principals next week. Their requests are due to the School Board by Dec. 4. Those requests will be sent to Cheryl Mast, chief financial officer for the school division, a month later.

The first public hearing on the budget will be on Jan. 13. This is a time for the School Board to hear from parents, students and community members on what they would to like to see included or not included in the budget.

The School Board will review the principals’ requests on Jan. 27, and on Feb. 10, the board look at the governor’s budget to begin to decide what is feasible.

On Feb. 24, the School Board will have a budget work session and will look at revenue from the General Assembly, if available at that time. Another budget work session is scheduled for March 9. During these times, the board examines how budget requests and anticipated expenditures fit within the money expected from the local government and the state.

On March 23, the School Board will get its first look at the superintendent’s recommended budget. This is where Superintendent Oskar Scheikl will discuss any possible budget cuts, recommended salary raises, etc.

From there, the board will make requests to the superintendent for changes to the budget, or it will decide it likes the budget as is.

At a time to be determined next spring, the School Board will approve the 2020-21 fiscal year budget, and it will then go to the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors for final approval.

This budget timeline is pending School Board approval at tonight’s meeting.

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