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The Rockingham County School Board will consider a resolution today concerning the future of Linville-Edom Elementary School.

A resolution regarding Linville-Edom Elementary School will be handed down at the Rockingham County School Board meeting tonight.

In 2019, it was proposed that Linville-Edom should close for a variety of reasons, but the largest of which was the need for a significant renovation and the issue of how to fix the school’s sewer problems.

A renovation that would include an overhaul of the sewer system was priced in 2019 at $8 million, a price the School Board was not necessarily willing to pay.

Parents were concerned about the threat of closure and pushed back. Signs asking the School Board to save Linville-Edom Elementary School began popping up throughout the community.

It was finally resolved that the school wouldn’t close, and that Superintendent Oskar Scheikl would work with the School Board, the county, and other bodies to ensure that a solution could be found to solve the sewer issues.

This was around the time that the global pandemic shut down schools and the country and the Linville-Edom issue took a back seat to figuring out how to educate students at home.

But for the past year Scheikl has been working with a landowner near Linville-Edom to come up with a solution for the disposal of water from the sewer system that will allow the school to stay open and comply with environmental standards.

The School Board is finally ready to hear that solution and approve it, Scheikl said.

The meeting will take place tonight at 7 p.m. at Hose Co. 4 Station 41 located at 2654 Port Republic Road. The meeting as well as the agenda can be viewed on the School Board’s website. A link to the meeting will be posted prior to the start of the meeting.

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