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The town of Elkton is planning to host a drive-thru Easter event on March 31 to hand out baskets to children.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, many holidays were forced to be celebrated indoors and without added company — the first being Easter.

For many towns in Rockingham County, Easter is accompanied by egg hunts and family-friendly events, and during 2021, it is time to get creative.

During Monday’s Elkton Town Council work session, council members discussed hosting an Easter egg drive-thru on March 31. Easter will be observed on April 4.

The event will be similar to the town’s Halloween trick-or-treat drive-thru event, where children visited various stations outside of the Elkton Area Community Center to get candy.

“Our goal is to have an Easter event for the kids with minimal COVID risk,” Town Manager Greg Lunsford said Tuesday. “We didn’t think that we could safely pull off a traditional Easter egg hunt, but we also didn’t want to do nothing at all.”

Lunsford said hosting a drive-thru event is the town’s best option.

There will be changes to the Easter event compared to the Halloween event. Instead of multiple stations to get candy, there will be only one station passing out Easter baskets, Lunsford said.

“It won’t be quite as elaborate as the Halloween event,” he said. “The Easter Bunny will be there along with staff, and that’s about it. It should be a fairly low-key event.”

During Monday’s work session, Lunsford said 100 Easter baskets will be available to pass out, with one basket per child.

Lunsford said Tuesday that town staff will be stationed in front of the Elkton Area Community Center to pass out the baskets.

“Staff will wear masks, will not have physical contact with passengers in the cars and will sanitize their hands frequently,” he said. “Elkton police officers will help direct traffic.”

Lunsford said the town’s primary concern is safety, and although staff wants to provide activities for the community, it will only move forward if the town can ensure safety and stay within state guidelines.

“We look forward to a fun and safe event,” he said.

The event will take place from 4 to 7 p.m. on March 31.

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