Kimberly Alexander has resigned as Elkton’s town manager.

Following a closed session at a Monday work session meeting, Town Council unanimously accepted her resignation.

Council members Randell Snow, Jay Dean, Louis Heidel, Steve America, Heidi Zander and Margaretta Isom voted in favor.

Mayor Josh Gooden would not say whether Alexander voluntarily stepped down or if council forced her resignation.

Alexander had been working for the town for around seven months and was the first person to fill the position in over three years.

She started the job in April, replacing Kevin Whitfield, who resigned in February 2016 before council had the chance to fire him.

In a Tuesday interview, Alexander declined to say whether she requested to resign, but said what’s important is that residents start asking why their police officers are under investigation.

“I’m not the first person to go because of the unethical work environment,” she said, adding that Elkton officer Jeff Turlington recently resigned.

Turlington said he resigned around two weeks ago.

“I wasn’t happy with the way things were being run in the department and some of the internal matters and how they were being handled,” he said.

Turlington said one officer was recently placed on administrative leave, and an investigation is ongoing.

Gooden said that at this point, no officers are on leave, and the investigation will include input from all officers. Gooden said Alexander’s resignation and the police department are separate issues.

Due to the privacy of the officers and for personnel reasons, Gooden said, he cannot discuss what the investigation is about.

He said council approved an “outside group” to provide input for the police department related to policies, staffing and personnel, but did not identify the outside group.

Turlington said the police department’s issues aren’t new.

“There have kind of been ongoing issues since I’ve been there,” said Turlington, who had worked there for more than a year.

Alexander said another officer may resign today.

Sgt. Brent Coffey, a Virginia State Police spokesman, said the state has no active investigations into the Elkton Police Department.

Alexander said another factor in her resignation was former Mayor Wayne Printz, “who has been making accusation statements that are completely untrue.”

She said several members of council listen to him and vote the way he wants them to.

Printz said Tuesday that Alexander was issued a town credit card without council’s approval and spent $5,300 in Virginia Beach during a conference.

Alexander said council had allowed her to go to the Virginia Local Government Management Association Conference, which was held at Virginia Beach.

“When Wayne made all these accusations about me at the last council meeting, I corrected him and invited any council or citizens to ask me questions or get clarifications,” she said. “Council never once addressed Wayne’s accusations and never asked me about them.”

Gooden said council will look into whether Alexander misused the credit card.

Printz said Dean, America and Isom tried to get the “credit card situation” taken care of but the rest of council would not hear of it.

Gooden said council approved Alexander to have a town credit card.

“This whole thing is very unfortunate because the town has so much potential,” Alexander said. “I was excited to start working there even though everyone warned me not to get involved with Elkton.”

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Town of Elkton and the good ol' boys running the council are a complete disaster. Printz can't stand the fact he isn't mayor or town manager


Who has done the most to ruin Elkton? Wayne Printz!

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