The University of Virginia has been planning for a biennial democracy celebration for the past two years.

Kimberly Dove found out recently that she was selected to be a part of it.

Dove, a social studies teacher at Wilbur S. Pence Middle School, was selected to be the 2021 U.Va. Democracy Biennial Ambassador. Dove was one of four middle or high school teachers in the state selected to attend the U.Va. Democracy Biennial this weekend. Originally a two-day, in-person conference, it will be virtual starting Friday and today.

Dove applied for the position because the idea of democracy is very important to her.

“There is something very powerful about the statement ‘We the people,’” Dove said.

The themes of the event will center around equity, capitalism and the future.

Dove will then continue her work with Associate Professor Marc Selverstone of U.Va.’s Miller Center over the subsequent year to develop curricular materials based upon the event, under the heading “New Approaches to Teaching Democracy.” These materials will be presented at a U.Va. event hosted by the Center for the Liberal Arts in the spring of 2022, and completed in the summer of 2022. The goal of this program is to take the content produced at the U.Va. Democracy Biennial and develop resources for middle and high school teachers.

Dove said she isn’t sure exactly how the process will go for developing these lesson plans that will go to teachers across the commonwealth, but she has already met with the three other teachers who will be working with her. Originally it was supposed to be three total teachers, but U.Va. decided to go with four.

“I’m very excited about this,” Dove said. “Democracy is near and dear to my heart and to be able to develop lessons plans for our future is pretty awesome.”

Dove is in her 18h year of teaching. She taught previously at Beverley Manor Middle School in Augusta County. She is also a previous Lucy Sims Educator of the Year winner.

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When one sees the word “Democracy” used in the title of an event or an organization it becomes prudent to inquire as to how the word is actually being used. Is it simply referring to the majority of a voting citizenry electing political representatives within a constitutional republic or is it a synonym used to disguise advocacy for state-run socialism?

When one sees “equity, capitalism and the future” used in a non-financial way as being the “theme” for an event about democracy a red flag (no pun intended) should go up causing one to do a bit of investigating. For those interested:


Agree with you, we live in a Republic.

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