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The total number of active COVID-19 cases in Rockingham County Public Schools continues to climb. In just three weeks and two days, RCPS has documented 199 active cases.

While this is a small percentage compared to the more than 11,000 students the school division has enrolled, it’s far higher than the numbers were last year.

For comparison, RCPS has had 199 cases since Aug. 23. James Madison University had 232 since two weeks prior to that. JMU has almost twice as many students as Rockingham County. Of course, JMU students have access to the COVID-19 vaccine, and it is required for students who don’t opt out and submit to regular testing.

County parents pushed back against students wearing masks this year. However, knowing that outside of the vaccine, which isn’t available to many of them yet, the best defense from transmitting the highly contagious virus is wearing masks indoors. Gov. Ralph Northam made it a mandate that all people who enter schools are required to wear a mask. This includes for after-school activities such as School Board meetings.

Rockingham County breaks down its active cases on its COVID-19 dashboard by attendance zones.

While all attendance zones have low percentages of total cases and all are within 1 percentage point of each other, the East Rockingham High School attendance zone has the highest with 2.3% of students and staff having testing positive for COVID-19 since the start of school.

The Turner Ashby High School attendance zone has seen 1.9% of students and staff test positive. The Spotswood High School district comes in next with a 1.4% rate of positive cases. And finally the Broadway High School attendance zone has the lowest rate with 1.3%.

Only Fulks Run Elementary School has had zero reported COVID-19 cases among students and staff.

Harrisonburg City Public Schools numbers are lower than RCPS, but so is its enrollment by almost half. The division has seen 72 confirmed student cases and 24 staff cases since Aug. 24.

Despite these relatively low numbers, there are quite a few students currently in quarantine, especially at Harrisonburg High School.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 98 HHS students are in quarantine. There are a total of 218 HCPS students in quarantine.

The breakdown of COVID-19 confirmed student cases is:

Bluestone Elementary School — 5

Keister Elementary School — 0

Smithland Elementary School — 5

Spotswood Elementary School — 9

Stone Spring Elementary School — 6

Waterman Elementary School — 8

Elon Rhodes Learning Center — 1

Skyline Middle School — 12

Thomas Harrison Middle School — 9

Harrisonburg High School — 17

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Just keep on reporting inaccurate data…these are just positive cases of the sars Cov-2 virus bug, not true Covid-19 cases involving pulmonary distress.


Positive cases of sars cov-2 virus, NOT the Covid-19 lung disease. Inaccurate and unprofessional reporting. There is a huge difference!

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