A proposed subdivision located on Roxbury Lane is heading to Timberville’s Planning Commission after town council held a joint public hearing during Wednesday’s meeting.

The subdivision will be the first item of business for newly appointed commissioner Kevin Racey, who will serve a four-year term expiring June 30, 2024.

Racey was appointed to the planning commission to fill a vacancy left by three commissioners. Town Manager Austin Garber told council members Thursday that interviews were held Tuesday and Racey was the recommended appointee.

“It was a very positive interview and everyone was impressed,” Garber said.

Mayor Don Delaughter said he was impressed with Racey’s background and recommended he replace Staci Wood’s seat, who had four years left in her term.

When the planning commission meets Wednesday, they will discuss making a recommendation to town council on the proposed Roxbury Lane subdivision. The subdivision will be located adjacent to American Legion Drive.

During the public hearing, Max Von Arnswaldt said he purchased the property in early 2020, but no developments have made since.

Arnswaldt presented the site plans to town council, which showed the subdivision having 40 units — 11 townhouses, 12 duplexes and 17 single-family homes.

With townhome units located off Lone Pine Drive, Arnswaldt said the development would be a nice transition to add to the area.

Arnswaldt said two duplex units were added to the orginial master plan to increase density and make the development more feasible from a financial standpoint.

“I think it is a great addition to the town,” he said. “You all have the desire to grow, so this is a win-win for everyone.”

Street lights, sidewalks and a 25% open space requirement will be included in the development.

Of the five comments received by the town, a majority opposed the development due to it disturbing existing views from neighboring properties.

Town council did not take action on the proposed subdivision, but could take action during its meeting in February.

Council did, however, take action on the proposed The Orchards subdivision, which was approved unanimously.

In 2004, council approved the subdivision concept plan for up to 76 units. A portion of the subdivision was completed off Granny Smith Drive, but the second portion off Red Delicious Drive has not been developed.

There will be 36 lots available on the second portion of the subdivision, according to the master plan.

Carl Synder, owner and engineer, said the goal was to get construction started soon.

“It’s our goal to move forward immediately,” he said.

Upon council’s approval of The Orchards subdivision, Delaughter said he was excited to see new growth coming to the town.

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Troy Fadeley

The stench in Timberville would keep anyone from buying a home. Why doesnt the DEQ demand that it be eliminated, This cannot be healthy and is a huge turn off for lots of people

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