Ernie Campbell journey wasn't straightforward, but the well-known builder sees his role as strengthening the Valley that helped him build his and his families' lives.

The 39-year-old Stanley native has lived in Harrisonburg for seven years. He graduated from Page High School, then went to Bridgewater College. There, he studied sports medicine, but left early as he had a son.

"I went to work in Northern Virginia for about eight years for a company before coming back to town and then worked for a company that unfortunately went out of business," Campbell said. "When they went out of business, that springboarded into Evermore."

He started Evermore Construction over 10 years ago on Oct. 11, 2011. Business at Campbell's firm continued on an upward trend through word-of-mouth and referrals and help from mentors.

"We started with just me and one other employee," Campbell said. "And today, I probably have 80 people out working at any given time between employees and trade partners."

Over his time in the industry, he has served as the president of the Augusta Home Builders Association. Evermore also donates time and money to community efforts.

"This is our home," Campbell said. "We just want to help."

Evermore has been a top-level sponsor for the Great Community Give the last two years, donates time and labor to the Central Valley Habitat for Humanity and sponsors four to five different youth sports teams, as well as Healing Waters, a veteran fly-fishing group.

"I grew up in Page and spent a lot of time in Northern Virginia, and there's no place like Rockingham and Harrisonburg," Campbell said. "Anything we can do to maintain that, to help improve that, we typically do."

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