Hillary Dorzweiler wasn’t quite sure how getting an accounting degree from James Madison University was going to help her help people.

Then she talked to her parents — Michael White and Susan Crosby — and she realized it wasn’t about what the diploma said, but how she used it.

“In my mind I wasn’t really sure if it was going to help people,” said Dorzweiler, audit director at PBMares. But her parents said working with numbers was what she excelled at and that she’d use the talent for good.

How right her parents were.

Dorzweiler, 34, found the right balance to serve some of PBMares’ largest clients, finding time to train new employees and continue that give-back mentality instilled in her by her parents. She is involved with initiatives within the firm to develop and implement practices and tools to better position PBMares in the ever-evolving world of accounting. She is a current member and chair-elect of the women’s initiative, co-chair of the technical and emerging issues group and part of the robotic process automation team.

Outside of the office walls, she has served as treasurer for the Central Valley Habitat for Humanity since 2015, is a United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County board member and is active in the Harrisonburg Women’s Service League.

Dorzweiler, according to her 10 Under 40 nomination form, provides leadership with her actions and abilities to lead multiple teams at once.

With the Harrisonburg Women’s Service League, Dorzweiler — born and raised in Harrisonburg — helps the organization empower women and children through fundraising, grants and scholarships.

“When we know of someone who is particularly struggling,” said Dorzweiler, a mother of two, “we try to help.”

She learned that from Mom and Dad, who are involved with the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church’s soup kitchen to provide meals to those in need, something Dorzweiler said she’s been part of since the fifth grade.

“My parents always taught us to help the community,” she said.

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