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Federica Pandolfi

Federica Pandolfi, 32, considers herself a people person. And she’s proven that through every job she’s held — especially the most recent.

Pandolfi is a financial consultant for Everence Financial, a faith-based business that works with clients in the Valley.

The company tries to focus on a person’s values and goals rather than just wealth when examining their finances, Pandolfi said, which resonates with her morals.

Pandolfi is the only woman of color at her company, but she said there is a good amount of diversity on board. This is important, because some clients feel more comfortable working with people of their race, Pandolfi said.

“There’s women that want to work with women because they feel more empowered,” Pandolfi said. “...We have each other’s back.”

Pandolfi was born in Uruguay and moved to the United States when she was 11. She enjoys educating parts of the Hispanic population in Harrisonburg who might otherwise be left out of the conversation because of language barriers.

Pandolfi’s family originally moved to Miami but made their way up to Harrisonburg because they wanted a small-town atmosphere similar to their home country.

When Pandolfi started with the company in 2019, she asked herself, “Can I do this?”

Entering the position was intimidating. Prior to finance, she had worked as an administrator for a hospital and editor-in-chief of her family’s newspaper. With this new career, Pandolfi had to meet regulatory requirements and learn the world of finance.

Pandolfi works on a team of 15 people. Jobs that are paid on commission, like hers, tend to be competitive, Pandolfi said. But not hers.

“I have felt very supported by my colleagues, the director and the whole team,” Pandolfi said.

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