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A Rockingham County judge denied bond Wednesday for a man charged in connection with an October shooting.

Rami Saleh Shoresh, 19, of Harrisonburg, is charged with misdemeanor obstruction of justice, felony destruction of evidence and misdemeanor accessory after the fact. He was arrested Nov. 19.

During a hearing in Rockingham County Circuit Court, Judge Bruce Albertson — citing a threat to public safety — ordered Shoresh to be held without bond.

Shoresh is one of three charged in the case.

Police say 20-year-old Jesus Martinez Ramos, 20, of Harrisonburg, was the shooter. He was arrested Nov. 18 charged with aggravated malicious wounding, display of a firearm in commission of a felony and robbery.

Jasaem Masoud, 19, of Harrisonburg, was arrested on Nov. 19 and charged with misdemeanor obstruction of justice, felony destruction of evidence, felony possession with intent to distribute and misdemeanor accessory after the fact.

The investigation began on Oct. 20, when Kolbe Niphol, 19, who was shot in the abdomen, was dropped off at Sentara RMH Medical Center’s emergency room doors. He was later taken to the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville.

Police determined the shooting took place near the Golden China restaurant at the intersection of East Market Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

Prosecutors say Niphol and Shoresh were passengers in the car that dropped Niphol off at Sentara RMH.

Police say the victim, Masoud and Shoresh have ties to the YNG gang, which is a Crips sect.

Court documents say it appears the shooting was drug-related. The car that took Niphol to the hospital was recovered the day after the shooting.

Documents say the trunk had a heavy smell of marijuana.

Prosecutors say Ramos robbed them of the drugs and shot Niphol, who was in the back seat.

Masoud then drove Niphol to the hospital. After dropping him off, Masoud cleaned the back seat of his car, destroying DNA evidence in the case, Katie Vaughn, assistant commonwealth’s attorney, said in a previous hearing.

All three defendants are being held without bond at the Rockingham County Jail. They are scheduled to appear in Rockingham County General District Court for a preliminary hearing on April 14.

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