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Our local businesses need recognition now more than ever with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. And, for years, Shenandoah Valley residents have been able to recognize the best businesses in the region through our annual Best of the Valley campaign. Read more

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When we learned this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, we thought back to Sept. 29 when a local school teacher wrote an Open Forum that was printed on this page. Read more

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THUMBS-UP: There should be an asterisk next to each name listed for the 2020-21 Rockingham County Teachers of the Year. Read more

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In case we were looking for something else to worry about, the West Virginia Division of Forestry is reporting it has had to respond to 312 fires with nearly 3,000 acres burned since Jan. 1. Compare that with the previous year, when during the same period there were 158 fires with only 632 a… Read more


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We don't know what the Biden years will ultimately look like, but one thing is pretty obvious, at least to me: It won't be a new New Deal, nor will this be the beginning of a new Progressive Era. Read more

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Joe Biden didn't just campaign as a moderate. He signaled again and again that he would be an affable placeholder president who'd clean up the messes created by his opponent, mend some fences with allies and get the pandemic under control. Read more

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We grew up knowing our parents would punish us if we did something wrong. If it involved lying or picking on a playmate, we'd have to apologize for it. So, how about applying the same notion to Big Tech and Big Media? Read more


“It takes an extraordinary intelligence to contemplate the obvious.”

Open Forums

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We are all for “ensuring a free and fair election,” but Becky Ruckman (DN-R Open Forum, April 29) has embraced Trump’s dangerous attempt to steal the 2020 election, under the guise of “stopping the steal.” It is impressive that Ruckman served on our county Election Board for six years, but t… Read more

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I am continuously impressed by how many of my friends and I have arrived after several decades at such different sociopolitical positions, each of us imagining those with different positions as having been inordinately influenced by propaganda from the wrong side. I know they are intelligent… Read more

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