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Russia and other foreign foes continue to probe both election mechanisms and the political network in this country in attempts to find ways to commit mischief electronically, it is being reported. With the presidential election less nearing, that comes as no surprise. Read more

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With all the talk about renewable energy in America, we have heard little about one old reliable source — hydropower. Fortunately, though hydroelectricity seems to have been sidelined by emphasis on technologies including wind and solar power, it has not been forgotten. Read more

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Of the more than 146,000 Americans killed by COVID-19, too many have been residents of nursing homes. Somehow, despite knowing older people with pre-existing health conditions are most vulnerable to the virus, we as a nation allowed that to happen. Read more


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When Margaret Fuller, one of 19th-century America’s public intellectuals, grandly proclaimed, “I accept the universe,” Thomas Carlyle, the British historian, reportedly said, “By gad, she’d better.” In 21st-century America, people worry about whether President Donald Trump will “accept” defe… Read more

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A friend and I shared the same consumer frustration -- and guilt over having it. We each wanted a bike rack for our cars but could not obtain our first choices. Read more

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When you are looking for new hires, you want to hire people who can both represent the company well and complement the rest of your team. Your employees should be the best ambassadors for your brand, so it’s important to get hiring decisions right. Read more


“It takes an extraordinary intelligence to contemplate the obvious.”

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As we approach the 19th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, we should never forget the loss of 2,977 innocent American lives. Many were simply at their desks and had no idea that Sept. 11 would be their last day on earth, while others such as brave first responders and the “let’s roll” passengers… Read more

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The board of visitors at James Madison University did the right thing by thoroughly reviewing and ultimately removing the institutional markers that honor three men who were traitors to our Constitution, sought to dismantle our country, and fought to establish an independent slavocracy in pe… Read more

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