Friday's Cartoon

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I expect nothing less from this liberal suck-up but it is far worse than what this clown presents. The constant warring between Sock Puppet's and Cackling Hyena's staffs have slowly been imploding the whole administration, which has been an abject failure since the day they were installed behind a barbed wire fence and surrounded by military just like all dictators. 'Behind the scenes', Hyena has been pushing hard for Sock Puppet's removal, this is why you never see her in front of the press. Look for her hard left supporters in Congress to start pushing for Sock Puppet's removal right after their massive spending bill fails to pass.


Some problems with this cartoon:

1. Biden should be tottering and nearly falling over from lack of stamina.

2. Biden is nowhere near the finish line on anything.

3. Biden is not picking his nose or telling racist jokes like he did with the Indian Prime Minister yesterday.

4. Where the little girls he can sniff and cop feels off of?

5. Where's the ice cream truck?

6. And God forbid, where's his mask???


On the upside, the hot coals are a preshadowing of where he's headed.

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