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Among the very worst evils in our world is sexual abuse of children. But many of the predators engaged in it have an enemy powerful enough to strike fear in them. Read more

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When all was right — and normal — in this world (think pre-March 2020), teachers were part of a line of defense in keeping students safe. Read more

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Standing along the side of East Side Highway on Tuesday, Rebecca Roadcap added more flowers to the ever-growing memorial for her 17-year-old son, Michael. Read more

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It has been seven months since Americans began locking down against COVID-19. Many have attempted to get back to “normal” by donning masks, washing hands more frequently and taking a step or two backward sometimes, to maintain social distancing. Read more

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Knowing how many people live where in the United States is more than a matter of satisfying curiosity or writing books on demographics and geography. The census conducted every decade has enormous ramifications. Read more

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West Virginians worry about election fraud. Reports of emergency shipments of pints of whiskey used to buy votes have been seen too many times for voters to be apathetic about the issue. Read more

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It was to be expected that when Congress approved about $3 trillion in emergency aid to Americans hurt financially by the coronavirus epidemic, the criminal element would seize the opportunity for ill-gotten gains. Read more

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There is one safe bet regarding the upcoming presidential election: If vote totals in any of the states are close, there will be controversy over how ballots were handled. That will be so whether President Donald Trump or Joe Biden appears to have the edge. Read more

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What a Marshall University professor said to prompt officials there to put her on administrative leave is mild, compared to some of the vicious partisan rhetoric reported from other U.S. campuses. Still, Marshall officials were right to act on the matter — and make it clear such behavior, re… Read more

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