For several days, President Donald Trump was viewed as a traitor to the Kurdish people. Suddenly, he has been “rehabilitated.” On Wednesday, a Kurdish military commander in Syria thanked Trump for his “tireless efforts” in defense of the Kurds.

So the relationship between our nation and the Kurds is back to the proverbial square one.

At some point a new crisis involving the Kurds will break out. Count on it, because the future of that people is among the great unsolved dilemmas of world diplomacy.

Trump was criticized earlier this month for pulling a handful of U.S. troops out of northern Syria, where they had been operating with Kurdish forces battling ISIS. The president’s action preceded an offensive into Syria by Turkish troops and militias that was aimed at pushing the Kurds out of the Turkey-Syria border region. Trump was accused by many of abandoning a staunch U.S. ally in the ongoing war against Islamic extremists.

Then, last week, Trump played a key role in brokering a peace agreement that halted the Turkish offensive. That country’s military leaders said they had accomplished their objective of driving the Kurds away from Turkey’s southern border.

So far, so good. But why were the Kurds in Syria, along the border with Turkey, in the first place?

It has been said the Kurds, numbering as many as 45 million, are the largest ethic group in the world without their own nation. It is not that they have not been trying for one.

Turkish leaders view the Kurds as a terrorist organization because of their attacks inside Turkey. There, a group of Kurdish separatists hopes to carve off a section of Turkey as part of the movement for a new Kurdish nation.

Significant numbers of Kurds live in southeast Turkey, northwest Iran, northern Syria and northern Iraq. Only in the latter country have they been permitted any autonomy.

Be assured the Turkish action will not end Kurdish efforts to form their own nation. It is unlikely any of the four countries where they live would allow that — so there is no reason to expect an end to conflicts involving the Kurds. Given our country’s relationship with them, that poses an ongoing threat of dragging the United States into more violence in the Middle East.

Finding some way to placate the Kurds without infuriating leaders in Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq ought to be a long-term goal of U.S. foreign policy. Trump portrays himself as the master of making deals. This is one he should be tackling.

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Any discussion of the Kurd’s current homeless problem should mention the Sykes-Picot Agreement and Treaty of Lausanne. This one mentions neither. Sure the anonymous author begs the question, “But why were the Kurds in Syria, along the border with Turkey, in the first place?” The author gives no answer. This is a problem the British and the French artlessly created a hundred years ago. Perhaps if the author understood the answer to that question first, they would not have written such a naive opinion that is woefully short on historical context. The author suggests that this America’s problem to solve and insists Trump should be trying to fix a century old mistake made by Britain and France. Let them fix it.

Jay Zehr

Naive is a gracious term for this editorial.


"Trump portrays himself as the master of making deals." LOL. Trump portrays himself as a lot of things, such as "very stable genius." That doesn't make it so.


LVW, have you heard of Trumpenol? It’s for liberals, progressives, snowflakes, soy boys, BLM democrats and social justice warriors. I suggest a five year supply of the MAGA strength dose, 2020mgs. You're going to need it.


If you don't find Trump's quotes like the one above ridiculous, then you, not me, are the one who needs medication.


So far he’s had Democrats launch two FBI investigations against him, then a House investigation, then a Senate investigation, then a phony Russia collusion case was created out of thin air and launched against him, and then they launched a special counsel investigation against him. Stormy was going to get him, Avenatti was going to get him, Cohen was going to get him, Rosenstein was going to get him, McCabe, Strzok and Page were going to get him, Comey was going to get him, Nadler was going to get him, Schiff was going to get him. Trump swatted them all away effortlessly without ever breaking a sweat or losing his billion-dollar smile. He destroyed and embarrassed them all. He plays his detractors and the media for fools and they take his bait every, single, time. (just like you do) Now Democrats are down to using ‘anonymous sources’ who they won’t name and won’t make testify about a phone call involving quid pro but no quo, and believe that will be enough to impeach. So, maybe it’s not so much that Trump is a stable genius as it is that those out to get him are hyperactive, shortsighted, brain dead, erratic naïve morons who are playing checkers, badly, against a man who is playing 3D chess.


Ouch! I would say billy boy beat you like a rented mule on that exchange LVW. If I were you, I would quit arguing before you further embarrass yourself.


Billy: That's a lot of words for a tangent. The point is that Trump brags about a lot of stuff that you seem to believe and so you, not me, needs the medication. Nonpartisol or maybe Soberol.

"Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain." -- Proverbs 25:14.


ps - The "Trumpenol" thing is pretty funny.


It takes a lot of words to describe all of the swinging and missing being done by desperate, TDS infected, overzealous bananas in the Dummyrat Party. How can you mention Trump's bragging without comparing it to Obama's? He bragged far more than Trump ever has. Obama could not finish a single sentence without using the word "I". He could not finish one speech without heaping boatloads of praise on himself, setting record after record for use of the word "I" in a single speech. Of course, you never had a problem with that, because, well, you are who you are and why change now, right? And a Matthew 23: 27-28 right back at you! Own it.


Well, William, if I am a hypocrite because I complain about Trump but not Obama (note: you have no information about what I said about Obama, by the way), then you are a hypocrite because you complain about Obama but not about Trump. See how that works?


Trump says what he says because he knows it's going to set off liberals and the pansies in the completely fake news media. Trump supporters get that, the TDS sufferers, not so much. Obama says what he says because he is a pompous, self absorbed, narcissistic, arrogant, vainglorious patsy. Obama supporters get that, and so do his detractors. Big difference.




I don’t know how to do the emoji thing, being a simpleminded, backward Trump supporter and all, but I agree with Newshound. Thumbs Up Billy! You’ve got LVW so perplexed, he is even quoting scripture even though he doesn’t believe The Bible.

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