College isn’t for everybody.

For plenty, high school is the end of the blackboard education. And these days, with the plentiful amount of trade careers out there and the demand for more employees, some jobs that don’t require higher education can provide just as big a paycheck — if not bigger.

Plus, on-the-job education is second to none across the board.

That’s what makes Adam Conley’s story so invigorating.

As a freshman at Broadway High School, he toured Bryan Tool and Machining and thought, “This is cool. I want to work here.”

Fast-forward to 2021 and Conley, now a senior, started working at Bryan Tool on the first day of school. He goes every day from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Conley said he is learning about different tools and machines while working on various projects.

“If I have a question I can ask the person next to me, and they’ll put down their work to help, however long it takes,” Conley said. “Everyone is really friendly and nice.”

His is the first apprenticeship that a Rockingham County student has received outside of Massanutten Technical Center and, while still in high school, Conley appears to have found a job he enjoys that could very well be his future.

The Virginia Department of Education recently approved a policy that allows students who work to receive a high school credit as long as the job pertains to a career they are interested in pursuing and they work there at least 280 hours during the school year. Conley, and 249 other Rockingham County Public School students have taken advantage, according to Eric Baylor, former principal at East Rockingham High School, who now works at Central Office as the work-based learning coordinator over the summer.

“It’s a great example of how students and the schools can partner with local businesses,” Baylor said. “It’s a win for Adam, it’s a win for Bryan Tool and it’s a win for the school division.”

A triple win is good for everyone. And this program, which is helping guide high school students into potential careers that provide stable work, is good for them and our local economy.

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I graduated from Vo tech and it has served me well and no bills afterwards either. Got a raise and all good ever since. Could always get a job and provide for my family. JMU was a teachers college, now it is a gulag for the woke. Send your child there and they won't be your children when they return!


I’d like to see three-fourths of all colleges and universities closed for good. At least 75% of all students are wasting their time in college on a worthless degree for a field they will never work in.


So many of them have been hijacked by liberals and others too concerned about socialist agendas using blatant mental manipulation and indoctrination.


Little Jimmy, this was an excellent editorial! Good job.

We need many more young people taking up trades rather than wasting their time and money on "earning" a Peace and Social Justice degree only find minimum wages jobs and $100-200k in student loan debts awaiting them on graduation day. I know many trades people who own their own businesses and are much happier and successful than their college age peers who are waiting tables or still living in their parent's basement after swallowing the you-need-a-college-degree-to-succeed-in-life lie.

Once again good job!


I agree with my good friend, and Royal Zambian Brother, Bishopsboy on this one Little Jimmy.Excellent work! If you continue down this path, and resist the temptation to give into Comrade Craigy's communist narratives, you just may yet turn into a decent managing editor.

Always remember Little Jimmy, as you craft your editorial pieces, to keep certain eternal truths in mind. The most important one is the following:

The Demokkkrat Party is the party of Satan, and as such, it is pure evil.

I wish you well in your search for Truth, Little Jimmy.

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