Beto O’Rourke, the former congressman from Texas who thought extremist demagoguery was the path to the presidency, has dropped out of the race for the Democratic Party nomination for that office.

Good riddance.

Politicians do not drop out of races until they have been convinced they have no chance of winning. Often, that occurs when their fundraising wells dry up. O’Rourke’s did, as potential donors decided he was simply too far out on the left to win.

What is unsettling is that O’Rourke even made it to the top tier of Democratic candidates for a few weeks. At one point, he was viewed as a real contender.

This is the candidate who pledged that, if elected, he would be certain that all owners of certain types of firearms would be forced to hand them over to the government. In doing so, O’Rourke made it clear the Constitution means nothing to him.

He called for $5 trillion in federal spending to advance the so-called “Green New Deal” — a forcible, almost immediate ban on fossil fuels that would harm virtually every American.

He opposed immigration enforcement, calling for a virtual amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the United States.

He favors a government-run universal health care system, with Americans given no options for private insurance. His stance is similar to those who insist on “Medicare for All,” an unaffordable scheme that would, almost inevitably, lead to health care rationing.

On these and other issues, O’Rourke made it clear he stands far to the left of other Democratic candidates — and certainly of most of the American people.

Yet for a time, O’Rourke seemed to be a viable candidate with a chance of winning.

Fortunately, Democrats have written him off — at least for now. And that, the very fact that he was considered seriously as a candidate for president of the United States, ought to worry thoughtful Americans.

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R B Tate

Actually, LVW also hit the nail on the head. At the time of that senate race, Rafael (call me Ted) Cruz had become quite unlikable to many of the businesses and individuals in Texas who had funded and supported his initial senate win. Not hard to look up the specifics. Also, he had appeared to show little desire to be a Texas senator, using his position as a stepping stone, and during the presidential primaries had thought the RNC would have given him an HRC-type coronation. He came off as someone whose parents/teachers had told him he was the smartest kid in the room (maybe he was, he was an Ivy League debate champion), but that doesn’t always impress those constituents who compete in the real world, and who look at bureaucrats as working for them. Since then he seems to have changed somewhat. It is said that he hired some type of makeover specialists (like Al Gore) to help give him an alpha-male type of charisma and better listening skills when in the presence of those whose help he needs. He also grew a beard. That seems more practical than what Robert (call me Beto) O’Rourke did after that senate run. That old boy literally ate some dirt that he thought would give him regenerative powers, and even took some home to feed the wife and kids.


Robert O’rourke was a creation of the media and a lot of nitwits in Hollywood. They dumped millions into his Tx senate failure. They were hoping the rest of Dem world would buy his “charisma and presence” that they thought they saw.


Cheap shot of an editorial.


He was only in the field because he didn't lose that badly to Ted Cruz in the last Senate election. His supporters' thinking was that since he was competitive in such a red state, his message might take hold. But they didn't sufficiently consider that people just don't like Ted Cruz.


And he was in the field because he appealed to the dimwitted millenial-type voters who "ain't got a clue" about the "real world" and were easily fooled by a "pretty-boy lib."


That might be true.


Awesome editorial. The Democrats will miss Beto as much as a hooker misses clap.

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