Sometimes it seems every pledge of reform by the Roman Catholic Church is matched by one —or more — reports of outrageous behavior.

A permissive policy toward predator priests who molested children appears to have characterized church policy for decades, not just in the United States but also in many other countries. Church officials say they will crack down on that. No longer will molesters be shielded, they vow.

But those pledges of turning over a new leaf have been coming forth for several years.

In 2017, reports surfaced that some church officials working with the Caritas International charity were engaged in pedophilia. The Rev. Luk Delft, a Belgian priest who had been working int the Central African Republic, was accused.

Officials in the Vatican had said they learned of allegations against Delft in 2017, but decided his Caritas International superiors should handle the matter. They did little; Delft remained as Central African Republic director of Caritas International until this year.

A few days ago, it was reported that Delft was appointed to the post even though he had been convicted in 2012 of child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography in Belgium.

A Caritas International official claimed he had not known of the 2012 conviction until this year.

How is that possible?

It isn’t, according to some in Caritas International. They have said the organization was notified in 2017 of Delft’s conviction.

Roman Catholic Church leaders have pleaded for trust as they work to establish reforms. Reports such as that on Delft do nothing to inspire trust.

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99.6% of priests have never been accused of any improper behavior. 0.4% have been accused, but if you listen to the fake news media describe this problem, (and the clown who wrote this opinion piece) they want you to believe that 99.6% of priests are pedophiles and the entire church needs reformation. The media loves to single out the Roman Catholic Church but the problem of religious leaders abusing children is worse in Protestant and Jewish faiths (particularly the Haredis and Hassid, ultra orthodox). Rabbis who have tried to bring child abuse cases to light have been ostracized from their communities while the predator is protected. Yet the religious leaders of those faiths never have their abuses publicized as frequently as Catholic priests. It's just another example of their phony selective morality.

Jay Zehr

“Clown” is a kind word for the know-nothing Ogden hack writing these idiotic astroturf editorials. And he/she is definitely anti-Catholic.


I do not trust the leadership of the Roman Catholic church any more than I trust the leadership of any other church denomination. Thank God our salvation is not dependent upon affiliation with a particular denomination or organization, but on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who came to Earth, laid down His life to pay the price for the sins of the world, and rose again. We need only accept His gift of salvation in order to be saved. All church denominations will eventually disappoint us, because all are controlled by sinful human beings. Many of our churches do much good work on behalf of the poor, the social fabric of our world, etc., and this is a good thing, but true salvation comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and is a gift freely given through God's grace, not by works.

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