Luray A1 Photo for Monday, Feb. 22, 2021

The Luray High School girls basketball team celebrates with the championship trophy after beating Gate City in the VHSL Girls Class 2 Championship game on Saturday.

Here’s something we can all be proud of. And it doesn’t matter if you’re from Luray or not. 

What matters is, in a basketball season unlike any other in Virginia High School League history, the Luray girls team somehow, some way, persevered.

If you haven’t been following along, the Bulldogs (Luray) won the VHSL Class 2 championship on Saturday — the first title in program history.

On Saturday, Spotswood fell short of winning its third straight crown after a 65-49 defeat at the hands of George Mason in the Class 3 title game and, on Sunday, East Rockingham lost 64-47 to Union in the boys Class 2 championship.

Just making it to the last game of the year is an accomplishment in any season.

This year, however, in a basketball season that almost didn’t happen thanks to COVID-19, Luray’s state title should garner more praise even with a truncated schedule. Like every other program in the state, the Bulldogs waited with bated breath while adults in charge at the VHSL mulled and mulled and mulled how to go about this season safely.

And everybody waited and waited and waited.  

Practice time missed. Time with your basketball family gone. 

Yes, the word “uncertain” has really lost its gravitas the past 11 months, but let’s be real here, when it came to high school sports, there was nothing but uncertainty.

But just like kids and young adults of all ages have shown this past year, it’s not easy to keep them down. Look no further than the Luray girls basketball team.

The Bulldogs went down to Gate City (a six-hour trip a stone’s throw from the Tennessee border) and avenged last season’s state title loss to the Blue Devils with a 61-56 come-from-behind win. Best served in the February cold, eh?

Bringing home the gold is just icing on this cake, because even having a season was a win unto itself. But to succeed amid all the uncertainty, the pauses, the on-court mask wearing and everything else thrown at them, was just unheard of.

Until this year, at least.

That’s what makes this state title much more special and that’s why Luray should be beaming with pride.

Congrats, Bulldogs.

We are proud of you as well.

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