In some respects, COVID-19 may seem like a bad dream for many Americans, even though it is far from stamped out in our country. One aspect of recovery — placing blame — already is well along.

But recriminations that were common during the height of the epidemic are trailing off. That should not happen. Learning what went wrong — more particularly, who was asleep at the switch during the pandemic’s early days — needs to continue.

We have known for some time that the World Health Organization failed badly. WHO officials waited until COVID-19 had begun spreading out of China to declare a global health emergency. By then, such a warning was too late.

And during the first several weeks of the outbreak in China, WHO insisted COVID-19 was not as communicable as normal influenza. We learned quickly that was terribly wrong.

Investigations of what could have been done better are imperative. But no more needs to be known to conclude that WHO simply cannot be relied upon in the future.

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To the DNR Editorial Board:

Stop! This editorial is irresponsible, devoid of basic journalistic inquiry, and obviously rooted in Fox Entertainment (News) propaganda. In short, it is a danger to the public for the Editorial Board to print such inflammatory and false information about the World Health Organization. The FACT is that the WHO communicated with our own Trump-appointed Center for Disease Control Director back in EARLY JANUARY when the novel Covid-19 virus was reported BY CHINA to the WHO. Anyone can review the WHO timeline of notifications and responses and get the actual facts (see link provided). . Furthermore, the World Health Organization NEVER said that Covid-19 was "just like the flu." On the contrary, this misinformation came from FOX Entertainment (News) and Pres. Trump as they were desperately trying to minimize the pandemic in an effort to shield the stock market from a widespread sell-off. (It didn't work).

While I agree that the world-wide response to the pandemic must be evaluated so that we can learn from our mistakes, the FIRST place we should be looking is in our own backyard. Sadly, Florida, Texas, and many other states who relied on Fox and the Trump Administration to guide them, rather than scientists and medical professionals, are now dealing with a resurgence of the virus. The economic impact will undoubtedly be severe as businesses close once again. But even more devastating will be the tremendous loss of life due to mismanagement and false information. Please stop contributing to the problem by repeating false information and propaganda.


Your biased opinion.


As clearly stated in Canoe's post, "Anyone can review the WHO timeline of notifications and responses and get the actual facts (see link provided). " That's more than a "biased opinion."


They lied from the start to appease China

So they have no integrity and nothing you or your fellow social worshippers can change that.


Agree with you 100%. WHO is only said to lie to cover DT's incompetence. It's never his fault. Nothing is. He lies and obfuscates everything.


The World Heath Organization is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Chinese communists. The United States should withdraw all funding from this wicked organization immediately.

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