Usually, this space is set aside to provide an opinion not everybody agrees with.

One side smiles and nods, the other side fires off emails, picks up the phone and calls or cuts out the editorial, scribbles some notes on it how we were wrong, and mails it to us.

That's fair. You know what they say about opinions, right?

But sometimes those phone calls or emails lead to really neat things, and we're not just talking replies to editorials. We're talking in general, when a random phone call points us to a story worth telling.

Case in point came last week, when a caller told us about Philip May, the 67-year-old retired Air Force nurse anesthetist who, in retirement, took up the task of keeping St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery in Singers Glen in tip-top shape.

As our headline said, it's his project of passion.

And May said, it's his "corporal work of mercy for the Lord."

So, let us say, we want to hear more of those kinds of stories. We want you, the people, to reach out to us and let us know who's doing the kind of work in our communities that should be highlighted.

Yes, these are crazy times. We don't know what's coming next for all of us; will Congress finally realize its job to help the American people and will they, finally, work together to lend us all a helping hand? Will a COVID-19 vaccine be introduced sooner rather than later, allowing this country to get back to some semblance of normalcy? Will we, as a country, finally come together and realize it's our differences that make us great?

We hope so. And, yes, those stories — we call them "hard news," if you'll excuse the inside baseball — will always remain important.

But we shouldn't forget about stories like Philip May's. So email us at or drop us a line. We want to hear these stories, we want to tell them.

Now back to your regularly scheduled disagreements. We'll keep checking our mailbox.

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Jay Zehr

The editor thinking his readers don’t know what the term “hard news” means says a lot about the current status of the DN-R.


Sure Zehr, the whole town is editor les fair.

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