If the supply crisis has taught us one thing, it should be this: “Make More on Shore” in America. The dozens of cargo ships off the coast of California certainly make many things clear:

  • The United States imports far, far too many goods that should be made/manufactured at home.
  • Consumers care little if most of what they buy comes from overseas.
  • Too many U.S. companies put profits first: their products are manufactured overseas because labor costs are lower.

The prices for most goods have gone up as those goods sit in cargo containers on ships floating out in the ocean.

California’s Port of Los Angeles — considered the busiest in the U.S. — is struggling to keep up with the crush of cargo containers arriving at its terminals.

Neighboring ports, which move more than a quarter of all American imports, are a choke point in the global supply chain.

There is no question: The supply chain snarl is helping to drive inflation.

Before the pandemic, it was highly unusual for ships to wait for a berth at the ports. Now, the average wait time for unloading is 13 days. Most Americans are apathetic about the situation, preferring to complain rather than lobby their representatives to entice change.

It appears as if nothing will ever change.

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The supply chain crisis is a global one, not one that is simply being experienced by Americans alone. I'm not surprised that most Americans, including this Editorial Board, apparently, are so myopic. In other words, it's a problem in every shipping port in the world right now. While the notion of "buying American" is often billed as our "patriotic duty," Americans in general, and Republicans in particular, are very opposed to paying a liveable wage to American workers. They would rather buy the cheapest product on the shelves at Walmart or Amazon, knowing that it was manufactured overseas, than pay a little more to American workers to ensure that the products in their homes are exclusively "American made."

Interestingly, most other countries are experiencing long shipping delays as well and have the intelligence to know what caused it: an actual virus that is killing millions of people and sickening hundreds of millions around the world.

Do you want to restore our bountiful way of life as quickly as possible? Then GET VACCINATED. If you were vaccinated more than 6 months ago -- GET A BOOSTER. If you really want to call yourself a "patriot," this is the single most important thing you can do for our country. Thank you.


Corporations are happy with forced labor. That's why they use racism and other socially destructive ploys to divide the working class. If we really want America to be "great again", we need to organize unions and take back the fruit of our labor.


More brainwashed race baiting nonsense from the clown teacher. Unions are the most corrupt entities in America, they steal workers' incomes, give that stolen money to causes the worker doesn't support, pays mid 6 figure salaries of all of the union bosses, the ones who manage the pensions that all go bankrupt because they're stuffed full of IOUs and wind up begging their bought and paid for politicians to pass legislation that will bail out the bankrupt pension, forcing taxpayers pay for their fiscal irrsponsibility. If you want the fruit of your labor then stop agreeing to be robbed as a condition of employment. Why do so many people sue to leave unions and leave them the very second they are legally allowed to if they are so great?


Excellent post billy. Spot on.


Left wing propaganda.


There will always be products made overseas … that ship has long left port. The real problem is the new incompetence cabal (Biden, Pelosi, and a bunch of crazy affluent liberals) that snuck into power tagging along inside the Biden Trojan Horse Carcass. Anyone who voted (legally) for that complete buffoon for president should be ashamed and ask to be forgiven.


And perhaps we can also drop the deceptive “Made in America” label and replace it with a more descriptive “Made by Americans”, or better yet, a “Made in America by Americans” label.[whistling]

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