Civil rights demonstrators this summer have engaged in a new round of tearing down statues of people they see as champions of bigotry. Why not replace them with statues of the heroes and heroines of the civil rights movement?

Late last year, people in Montgomery, Ala., erected a statue of civil rights legend Rosa Parks. A few weeks ago, officials in Cincinnati unveiled plans for a bronze statue of Marian Spencer, another heroine of the cause.

Removal of statues such as those honoring men who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War is seen by some as refusing to pay homage to people who defended slavery. Would it not be appropriate to recognize men and women who, sometimes at the cost of their lives, battled it and the associated evil of racial bigotry?

Why can’t we do that right here in Virginia? There are men and women clearly worthy of such honor.

It is something Gov. Ralph Northam and state legislators should consider — and not through one more study to be written, then placed on a shelf to gather dust.

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What Governor Northam should really consider doing is taking responsibility for his own racist behaviors and stepping down from office for lying about his racist KKK/blackface medical school yearbook photo and for lying about the origins of his racist college nickname "Coonman". Furthermore, he can take racist blackface AG Herring with him. Both are racist pieces of poop who need to be flushed down the toilet bowl.


Excellent post Mufalme Bishopsboy, my Royal Zambian Brother! I agree with you 100%. The truth of the matter is that the entire Demokkkrat party is filled with hate filled racist baby killers who support slavery and African American genocide through the evil, grisly practice of abortion up through the 9th month of pregnancy, and even promoting the cold blooded murder of little babies after they have been born. Demokkkrats are completely heartless, and soulless.


Okay. Easily done. Simply form a private organization, solicit donations, purchase a bit of land and erect your statue, plaque or whatever. This way, the taxpayer is not going to have her pocket picked by political hustlers eager to buy votes in whatever community they supposedly represent.

By the way, once the statues of Western men are completely removed, and any “white Jesus’” representations are destroyed, I predict that the next target of the various race-based Marxist hate groups such as BLM-O and ANTIFA and their ‘church’ allies will be any and all positive references to the Christ as well. Why? Because Western Civilization is the ultimate target for destruction, and a remnant of Christianity is the last redoubt of Western Man.

The excuse? Jesus was aware of slavery and did not speak out and condemn it. Ruh Oh.


Great post Donald. 100% accurate.


Donald, I will second that.

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