Nobody should have ever thought the job of a school nurse is an easy one.

You have to tend to sick kids, you have to make sure students are taking their meds, you have the occasional in-school injury. The list goes on, really. And, this year, you can add COVID-19 to that list.

Not only are those same school nurses trying to figure out if a sick student may be showing signs of COVID-19 — if the student does test positive — the nurses are charged with contact tracing at their schools.

“I think it’s important for the community to realize that school nurses are under a tremendous amount of pressure, and we’re doing our best to make big decisions given the information we have,” says Leslie Miller, the school nurse at East Rockingham High School.

Yes, we think it’s also important for the community to know. We also think the community should take a moment and thank a school nurse.

They earn our gratitude it every year, but this one has been a doozy so far.

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Nice article, avoids news that they just fired over 80,000 health workers in New York. It's coming here because dummies vote demonkkkraps!

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