It’s almost like a soap opera, so let’s call this one As The State Turns.

On Tuesday, that’s exactly what the statehouse in Richmond did, turning from red to blue during the course of the night. The Shenandoah Valley, however, remained staunchly in the red, and that’s going to provide a challenge for our local delegates and state senators.

They need to make sure we’re not forgotten. There can be no argument here, no fumbling and bumbling and no party lines drawn in the sand on our representatives’ part. Without question, they have to make sure the Shenandoah Valley isn’t thrown to the wayside to advance any agenda. And, yes, before you start pounding out your replies, if the state stayed red and the Valley turned blue, we’d be writing the same thing.

Simply because the worry would be same.

Partisan politics can become a joke that doesn’t make the average Joe or Jane laugh. It’s the real deal to us — the boots on the ground, the payers of taxes, the drivers of roads. Locally, our agenda should be exactly just that — local. We want to see an end to the Interstate 81 quagmire, which in turn stuffs U.S. 11 and Va. 42 with too much traffic rolling through our small towns and enclaves. We want clean air and waterways in ways that also protect our strong agricultural backbone. We want our veterans and aging population taken care of. We want our children educated in great schools.

Yes, we want plenty.

We want to make sure we’re getting our due, and then some, from the commonwealth.

Democrats will tout their control for the first time in more than two decades. Republicans may stomp their feet and make the laughable claim that state elections now need to be done Electoral College-style.

But our eyes will turn toward Tony Wilt, Chris Runion, Emmett Hanger, Todd Gilbert, Rob Bell and Mark Obenshain and we’ll give them a nudge.

Yes, we get it; you’re going to fight for your party in Richmond.

But you best be fighting for us more.

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Jay Zehr

Thanks for pointing out that our local Republican legislators should represent everyone.


No, they shouldn't. This is why we have elections. I expect our local Republican legislators to fight for the same values and principles they have fought for all along. Would you expect the Demokkkrat legislators that were recently elected in Northern Virginia to do the bidding of the conservatives in their districts? of course you wouldn't. You liberal EMU types are so transparent. When your side wins, you consider it a mandate, but when the other side wins, they should represent "everyone". Baloney. What a lame argument!

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