Thumbs-Up: Tori Topor, the ink master at The Mark-It in downtown Harrisonburg, wants to help people who need it. So, it was only fitting that she used her connections in the local art community to start Print-ual Aid — an online fundraiser to benefit service industry workers struggling during the pandemic using sales from limited edition, original art donated by Valley creatives.

Each participating design is being reproduced as 15 prints for sale at $20 each, and Topor is donating back 10 prints from each artist to sell themselves as a “full-circle” fundraiser. And she enlisted the help of local agency Strength in Peers to handle the distribution of finances to those who need the money to make ends meet.

We’ve seen a lot of things during the 11 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one thing we never get tired of seeing is locals helping locals.

Thumbs-Up: Late last month, you read about the emotional toll the state not clearing Harrisonburg and Rockingham County to resume jury trials had on the victims, their families and the accused.

“It’s gut-wrenching. I want closure,” said Chris Hottinger, of Bergton, who has been waiting since an Aug. 5, 2019, car crash that killed her daughter, Raven Morgan, for the man accused of causing the wreck to stand trial.

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Virginia authorized Harrisonburg and Rockingham County to resume jury trials. Hopefully, this news will eventually provide some semblance of closure to all who have waited and are forced to relive terrible moments.

Thumbs-Up: We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the teams and athletes in all the sports at all our area high schools. After a fall with no sports, finally being able to compete safely was a big win for everybody.

Thumbs-Down: OK, OK, we give up. You win, winter. Is it spring yet?

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