Thankfully, Emmett Hanger knows how to reach across the aisle. He's proven it time and time again since the Mount Solon Republican was elected to serve in the Virginia Senate 24th District back in 1996.

And, come January, the Shenandoah Valley is going to need him.

Leadership of both the State House and Senate turned blue this past election while the Valley remained firmly in the red. Yes, there may be room to think the Valley's priorities will be forgotten as Democratic control begins to span the entire state. Why else would over 3,000 people fill Spotswood High School to plead with the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors to join with over 40 other localities to pass a resolution to become a Second Amendment sanctuary?

While one can argue against the validity and meaning behind such a resolution and what bearing it will ultimately have, you can't deny the groundswell of support from the residents for it. The community simply doesn't know how far the left is going to reach.

That's where Hanger comes into play. Now, more than ever, we need Hanger to extend those arms and reach across the aisle. Now, more than ever, we need Hanger to remain respected by the Democrats while representing the community's interests. Now, more than ever, we need Hanger to remind the rest of the state about the Valley and that it needs our agriculture. Our rural landscape, after all, is the state's historic breadbasket.

"Sen. Hanger has a long history of successfully working across the aisle to represent his district and Virginia's agriculture industry," said Ben Rowe, national affairs coordinator for the Virginia Farm Bureau. "The population of rural Virginia continues to shrink every year, yet the economic impact of the agricultural products produced in these areas continues to grow, and agriculture remains the largest industry in the Commonwealth."

We're with Rowe on this one. Anyone who lives in the Valley should be.

With your votes, you entrusted your faith in Hanger to make sure your voices are heard.

We'll keep that faith with you.

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