"Black Lives Matter" is an idea and message that must always stay in season, lest people be ignorant about what happened in places like Elaine, Ark., and Wilmington, N.C., in the early 20th century. People should know the name of 14-year-old Emmett Till.

And because hate has no skin color, we can also recognize that most likely nobody would run over 53 people in a truck in Waukesha, Wis., by accident. History should also not forget the names of Jessica Whitacre and little Cannon Hinnant. Yes, white lives matter, too. Some say that message is unimportant. Obviously they are wrong.

America is a diverse country and we are all equal before God and the law. Any kind of racial hate is a cancer threatening the health if not the very life of our body politic.

Andy Vogan

Penn Laird

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Systemic racism is baked into our institutions. White supremacy is the belief that brown and black people are inferior to white people. They are related, but not the same.

Homeowners associations are an example of systemic racism. They were designed to reinforce the idea that homes are worth less when black people live in the neighborhood. Charter schools reflect the same concept - white parents have a right to put their kids in overwhelmingly white, privatized schools, diverting public money to amoral corporations and circumventing many of the restrictions placed on racial discrimination as a result of the Civil Rights Movement. Only white supremacy can uphold regulations specifically targeting black children and black families.

“Back the Blue” symbolizes the racist idea, held almost exclusively by White Supremacists, that black skin makes people dangerous - that black people are a threat to society. The police exist to patrol for escaped slave-laborers, and create a reason to incarcerate this dangerous threat to white society. “Back the Blue” means nothing more than, “I support the murder of black men by the police. George Floyd deserved to die. Derek Chauvin is a hero.”

White lies matter.


For the sake of argument, Mr. Azusa312, let us assume there is systemic racism in America. Mr. Brooks, the black individual identified as allegedly driving over and murdering 6 and maiming 62 men, women, and children (presumably all or most being white) was out on $1,000 bail after beating and then driving over his ex girlfriend on November 2nd. He had been in jail only a few days prior to making bail.

Ghislaine Maxwell, -- apparently white – having supposedly assisted Epstein in procuring females for wealthy folk, has been denied bail and locked in a cell for 1 and ½ years since being charged and is only now going to trial.

Do you think that difference in bail/bond treatment is an example of “systemic racism”, Mr. Azusa312? If so, directed against who?

P.s. Ashli Babbitt – say her name.


The really scary thing, Donald, is that Asuza is allowed to teach our children this left wing, Marxist poison.


If this person is a teacher, I say the hiring system should be ashamed to have an employee like this being paid our tax dollars! The massive hypocrisy of it all!


Is this clod an "educator" ?


You are a brainwashed product of the fake news media. You stoke the flames of racism with your words, yet believe you are not. You are part of the problem but you believe you're part of the solution. Sadly, I'm sure you're spewing your racist bull manure to any student who will listen to your pathetic lies. I feel sorry for any student who has to tolerate you and your vile, race baiting horse manure for even one minute.


Asuza312...as an obvious burden on the tax paying public, you do realize that help is available and free (in most instances) for people in your current state of mind. Please contact your local public health services for assistance. And as a tax paying citizen, I say, You're Welcome."


Great letter Andy. The "Black Lives Matter" movement isn't about protecting black lives at all, it's about promoting Marxism.

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